How to spell good night in Iranian farsi

can someone tell me something nice in persian / farsi?

Hello, I would like to watch a film in Farsi / Persich with a friend. Since he doesn't speak German very well yet, I would like to meet him by watching a film in Persian. However, since I have absolutely no command of Persian, I need a page on which I can use German subtitles. There is not much to choose from on Netflix. I only found one film there that can be seen in Farsi, but it is a war film. However, my friend cannot see such films.

Does one of you know a suitable site or does one of you know whether you can rent films in the video library, where both are possible? None of my DVDs can do that, but I have the option of playing BluRays. Does anyone know if films on BluRays are also translated into Farsi?

Thanks in advance.