How much egcg with l-dopa added effects

Levodopa + benserazide

How do levodopa + benserazide interact?

Please note that the interactions may differ depending on the dosage form of a drug (e.g. tablet, syringe, ointment).

Nerve-suppressing and pain relieving agents such as neuroleptics and opioid pain relievers, circulatory drugs and antihypertensive drugs (antihypertensive drugs) as well as papaverine and phenytoin reduce the effect of levodopa and benserazide.

In contrast, selective MAO inhibitors (MAO-B inhibitors) such as selegiline or amantadine increase the effect of levodopa without triggering dangerous interactions. The dose of these active ingredients may still have to be adjusted by the doctor. In the case of selegiline in particular, the daily dose of a maximum of ten milligrams must not be exceeded.

Simultaneous use of unselective MAO inhibitors (MAO-A inhibitors) such as tranylcypromine can lead to a critical rise in blood pressure. These active ingredients must be discontinued at least 14 days before treatment with the active ingredient combination.

Blood pressure-increasing sympatomimetics are enhanced in their effect by levodopa and benserazide. Therefore, their dose must be reduced by the doctor if they are administered at the same time.

Consuming a high-protein meal with a lot of meat or legumes at the same time can reduce the effectiveness of the combination. The same applies to the simultaneous use of iron supplements and acid-binding agents (antacids). Iron supplements may only be taken at least two hours apart from the administration of the active ingredient combination.

The stomach drug metoclopramide, on the other hand, speeds up the absorption of levodopa into the body, which can lead to more side effects.

Before anesthesia with halothane and other central depressant active ingredients such as atropine or clonidine, the active ingredient combination must be discontinued at least eight hours before the operation (unless opioid painkillers are administered at the same time).

In principle, the combination can be combined with all known anti-Parkinson drugs such as dopamine receptor agonists, amantadine and muscarinic receptor antagonists. However, if additional therapy with entacapone or tolcapone is started, the doctor may reduce the dose of the combination. If Parkinson’s therapy is supplemented by the combination, the existing anticholinergic treatment should not be terminated immediately, as the levodopa effect is delayed.