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This is what the printed e-prescription looks like


by Hummelmann on May 5th, 2021 at 6:27 pm

Can you guess how many sheets of paper an electronic incapacity certificate consists of?
N / A?
There are of course 2 sheets of paper.

Several hundred new printers had to be purchased in the local clinics. Because where a simple dot matrix printer used to be sufficient, you now need a printer with 4 feed slots:
1) The "electronic certificate of incapacity for work" needs the health insurance company on pink (!!) A4 paper
2) The "electronic certificate of ability to work" for the employer is printed on DIN A5 white paper.
3) The "electronic prescription" is printed on A6 white paper.
4) The "electronic medication plan" and all other medical correspondence are printed on white A4 paper.

This is what is called collateral damage when you give a young man without specialist knowledge, but with a lot of striving for recognition, a lot of money and a free hand in the office of the Federal Minister of Health.

Quite apart from the fact that in the clinics, the operating doctor either has to write his personal PIN on the terminal or is fetched from the operating room every time the data connection is broken again. Evil voices say that the secret number most used in practice is 0000 followed by 1234 ...

Oh yes, another joke from daily digitization practice:
When my daughter applied for a pharmacy degree, she had to enclose an officially certified copy for the voluntary social year. Unfortunately, the original document was a PDF with an electronic seal and was not recognized because the applications had to be completed online but made on paper. So she went to the local office with two (!!!) printouts, had herself certified there - for a fee, of course - with an official seal that both printouts were identical, in order to finally enclose the certified "copy" with the paper application.

Incidentally, we installed our counterfeit-proof POS software on time before March 31, 2021. The mandatory report to the tax office did not work because the homepage of the tax office is still not ready.

But now I'm going to stop. With the simple reports from everyday pharmacy work and the digitalization madness of our politicians, I could do a full-length comedy show. We have been working paperless with a fully digital document management system since 2005. With us it works without any problems. Because in the pharmacies work highly qualified people who have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir job. Has that still not got around to the politicians? Without the pharmacies, nothing works in the German health system!