The Toro Timecutter Z5000 will not start if it is cold

Toro TimeCutter ZS3200S vs Toro TimeMaster 20977 76cm

Toro TimeCutter ZS3200S

Toro TimeMaster 20977 76cm

19 facts in comparison

Toro TimeMaster 20977 76cm

Why is Toro TimeCutter ZS3200S better than Toro TimeMaster 20977 76cm?

  • 6mm higher maximum cutting height?
  • 6cm wider cutting width?
  • 2.38x bigger motor
  • 10.09x larger fuel tank
  • Is a lawn tractor?

Why is Toro TimeMaster 20977 76cm better than Toro TimeCutter ZS3200S?

  • Has a mulching function?
  • Has a knife clutch?
  • 0.4 larger cutting height ratio?
  • 2mm lower minimum cutting height?
  • 175.4kg lighter?

general information

Sometimes gas powered lawnmowers are difficult to start, but with an electric starter it is guaranteed to work the first time.
A gasoline powered lawn mower offers several advantages over an electric one. For example, the higher thickness allows you to easily cut through longer or harder grass, and you are not limited by the cable length or the battery life.
A self-propelled lawn mower requires less effort from the user as it does not have to be pushed forward by hand.
Cordless tools and machines can be used in a variety of situations as you are not limited to workplaces with nearby power sources.
The main advantage of a steel cutting deck is that it is durable and resilient. Collisions with stones often leave a dent instead of a break.
With a larger tank, you will have to stop less often to refuel.
A rotary mower cuts the grass with a knife or disc rotating around a vertical axis. It requires little maintenance and is often cheaper and lighter than a cylinder mower, for example.
A lawn tractor is suitable for larger areas and allows you to mow much faster. It is also useful for health problems as there is no need to walk or push the lawn mower.
Covering the manufacturer's guarantee, it is possible to get a replacement in the event of any malfunctions.

Cut quality

A higher cutting height is necessary if the lawn is exposed to unfavorable conditions, for example extreme heat or cold, as the lawn is better kept healthy with longer stalks.
With a mulching function, the cut grass is chopped into even finer pieces, which are then distributed on the lawn as fertilizer and protection against drying out. The grass catcher does not have to be emptied.
With a wider cutting width, you have to make fewer laps when mowing the lawn, which saves time. This is particularly important on larger lawns.
With a knife clutch, the rotation of the knife can be stopped without switching off the engine. This is useful when you want to remove residue or drive over a gravel area.
The cutting height ratio refers to the minimum and maximum cutting height. The larger the ratio, the more flexibility there is in choosing the optimal height for the lawn.
A lower cutting height is beneficial if you prefer a short lawn. However, short cut grass requires good weather conditions such as warm weather and moderate sunlight to keep the lawn lush and green.


An overhead engine (OHV valve timing) is commonly used in top of the range models and is more powerful and more fuel efficient than an SV valve timing engine.
This specification refers to the total volume of all cylinders in the engine and is also known as displacement. While it is just one of several factors that affect an engine's performance, a higher number generally indicates a more capable vehicle.


A lawn mower with variable speed is an advantage as you can adjust the speed to the circumstances, for example when braking to drive around a tree.

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