How hot napalm burns

How long does napalm burn?

The last election campaign also started fires that have not been extinguished to this day. Which is all the more depressing, since the head of advertising for the social democratic campaign quite unabashedly announced the use of napalm at the very beginning. Incidentally, to this day he has not been held accountable or terminated.

Incidentally, it would be worth thinking intensively why formulations that - often unintentionally - are reminiscent of the Nazi era lead to the total ostracism of some people, but not such inhuman napalm talk at all.

In any case, it is pretty absurd when the SPÖ and its apron media act as if it were completely normal for the families of opposing candidates to be attacked; if expressions like "liars" are used constantly, which would lead to calls for order in parliament; if in an election campaign denouncing forgeries appear several times, which are then simply covered up as "cultural action". It would be extremely beneficial for the intellectual climate in this country if the SPÖ leadership would once - convincingly - apologize for all of this.

The Chancellor could follow this for his superfluous reference to Gusenbauer's sweat. And the BZÖ and FPÖ should also join in for countless vilifications. The two could only assert the mitigating circumstance that, unlike the SPÖ, they did not lead any aggression campaign deliberately staged by domestic and foreign advisors - but are by nature that way.

And how then? There are bad and less bad solutions, but only one halfway good one: namely a short-term alliance between the SPÖ and ÖVP for the purpose of constitutional reform and the introduction of majority voting. Afterwards, the two of them may rule alternately. Which, among other things, would save us the ridiculous cover-up of the two-pack candidacies, which were called: red-green versus black-orange.