Stomach gurgles when lying on the back

Heartburn: Particularly uncomfortable at night

For many people it is a well-known problem: You have just laid down and there is already a burning sensation behind your breastbone or in your throat. Heartburn - triggered by the backflow of acidic fluids into the esophagus (reflux) - is a major burden for those affected, especially at night. It is precisely then that the symptoms are perceived more intensely. The reason: In a lying position, much more acid can flow back. But what are the causes of heartburn while lying down? And how can this be prevented?

Heartburn at night? The tips at a glance:

  • elevate the upper body
  • sleep on the left side
  • Eat the last meal of the day three to four hours before bed
  • Don't snack on sweets in the evening
  • take a little walk after dinner

Why heartburn is worse at night

Heartburn is usually perceived as more painful and annoying by those affected when it occurs at night. One possible reason for this is that it is only at night - unlike during the day little distraction from the discomfort gives. In addition, the pain interferes with falling asleep and the next day's performance is impaired by the shortened night's sleep. If the heartburn occurs at night, this may also pull health consequences after yourself.

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The reason for this lies in the fact that the rising acid remains longer in the esophagus when lying down - this can irritate and damage it. In addition, more acid enters the esophagus in this position than when standing. This increases the risk, for example Esophageal cancer to get sick. If you suspect nocturnal heartburn, you should therefore be examined by a doctor and, if necessary, treated.

Stomach pain: They are also particularly painful at night

Just like heartburn, stomach pains often torment us noticeably at night. Why is that so? Most of the time, too much, very high-fat or very gasping food before bed is to blame for the symptoms. At a late hour, our body digests food more slowly because the circulation and organs are different due to the lack of physical activity Put it into a sleep mode - therefore the last dishes eaten stay in the stomach for a longer period of time than during the day. In this case, stomach pains occur at night because the stomach expands due to the large amount of food it consumes and thus causes uncomfortable, pressing pain.

An increase in gastric acid production at night can also cause pain. This happens depending on the food previously eaten: the more intensely you have to digest, the more stomach acid you need.

But you can do the same mental stress, ulcers in the stomach or duodenum, an irritable stomach or the Abdominal influenza behind the nightly complaints.

Heartburn while lying down? This is how you can remedy the situation

If you want to avoid heartburn while lying down, you should if possible do not lie on your back or on your right side. Both of these promote the reflux of gastric acid. Why?

  • When the person lies on their back, the stomach and esophagus are roughly at the same level. Gravity no longer prevents acidic gastric juice from flowing back.
  • If the person lies on the right side, the esophagus is even below the stomach. Following the force of gravity, stomach acid now reaches the esophagus even more easily.

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In a healthy person, the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus would prevent this reflux, but with persistent heartburn it can often not fulfill its function optimally - reflux, especially at night, is the result.

The goal in nighttime heartburn prevention is therefore to get the To put the stomach lower than the esophagus - because stomach acid gets up more difficult than down. To do this, try the following tips:

  • Sleep on the left, because then the stomach - which is located in the left half of the body - is lower than the esophagus.
  • Lie down additional pillows under the head of the mattress or raise your slatted frame so that your upper body is elevated - and acid does not flow back so easily.
  • Special reflux pillows in stores can be placed directly on the mattress and also lead to the upper body lying higher. An additional pillow is then usually not needed at all.

Often these tips are enough to relieve heartburn while lying down or to prevent it from developing in the first place. If you still have heartburn, there may be another cause. Are you maybe very stressed? Or do you eat a little too heavily in the evening? Our heartburn diary will help you unmask your personal triggers.

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What else can help with heartburn at night

To avoid heartburn at night, it is sometimes not enough to just raise the upper body a little. Because often there are also unfavorable factors such as wrong eating, which cause the complaints. The following advice can help you:

  • Allow at least three to four hours to pass between dinner and sleep. This is also a good tip to prevent stomach pain that also occurs at night.
  • Even if the temptation is great, stop snacking on sweets in the evening or at night. Chocolate in particular is suspected of causing heartburn and stomach pain.
  • Certain foods are particularly gentle on the stomach, for example whole grain bread, potatoes or salad. Therefore, to avoid heartburn at night, you should pay attention to the right diet. Among other things, fat and sugar are hidden in some finished products, for example. You can read why food manufacturers use these ingredients in the expert interview.
  • Take a little walk after you eat. This stimulates digestion and the stomach is empty more quickly. A full stomach presses against the sphincter muscle towards the esophagus and in this way favors a reflux of stomach acid as well as nocturnal stomach pain.
  • For stress-related reflux: Relax at night or, ideally, in the evening. This can be achieved, for example, with a hot bath, a good book or relaxation exercises such as autogenic training.
  • If the scales show a few pounds too much, try to get rid of them. Because being overweight on the stomach also puts pressure on the stomach when lying down and sometimes causes heartburn.

If, despite all the tips, there is a burning sensation in the esophagus, special medications such as antacids can help to get night heartburn under control - because they neutralize the excess stomach acid. As a home remedy, it is a good idea to drink a glass of lukewarm water. This transports the acid back towards the stomach and dilutes it at the same time. The well-known baking soda is also a popular helper against heartburn, because it binds stomach acid. However, baking soda should not be used too often, as it is easily overdosed and often leads to acid belching.

What to do with stomach pain Tips for at night

If, in addition to heartburn, you also suffer from stomach pain at night, a simple home remedy has proven to be particularly effective: warmth. So put a hot water bottle or a heated cherry stone pillow on your aching stomach - this has a relaxing effect and can reduce the discomfort.

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