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Heir to the throne

We are 36 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good. The heir to the throne is in the best of health and cuddles comfortably in her apartment. Her head is in the absolute starting position and she alone will decide in the next few weeks when she wants to greet the world. Today's examination of their habitat showed that the cervix was still closed and the length of the cervix was normal. All is well. Everything will be fine, we will also go this way together and I will support you with all my strength.

So it's time for me to deal with questions about the placenta My doc is really great and in nine months he always had an open ear for all my questions and maybe more often they were different from all the ones he may have heard otherwise. I like him very much. And if he wasn't the way he is, I would probably have been only half as sure about everything and might never have developed the necessary composure for some phases. He was right about just about anything and I just trusted him. The right decision, as I find out again and again when I think about it.

Today I told him about the possibility of having a piece of the Planzenta globules made and what he thought of it. At that time I had received a flyer from my midwife explaining it.

“Well, I can't tell you anything about that. I know that there are women who have done it, but whether it really helps is beyond my knowledge! "

It occurred to me that there are couples who take this thing home and bury it in the garden ...

"Yes, and there are women who even want to eat a piece of it!" he continued.

"The placenta is very rich in nutrients and hormones!"

"Yes, the midwives in the hospital and also the doctors, mind you, also make bets on whether one will actually make it - so far the case has never occurred shortly before!" And such a placenta looks really disgusting! "

Actually, I don't have any more questions now. A doctor says it looks gross, if that's not enough. I see myself sleepwalking in the hospital corridor, closely followed by my placenta. I push myself inside and think to myself: Cati, do you still have them all? The doc continues:

"And I am convinced that some animal will dig that up in the garden too!"

I think of our cats ... and the neighbors' cats and NO!

"You know, some women put their pill in the flower pot and hope that the plant will grow better!",

he says with a serenity and I would like to laugh out loud at his dry sense of humor. For these sentences I love him and I would like him to laugh outwardly too! Maybe that doesn't work because of the authority. I still like him.

For me the matter is clear, the placenta will be born and remain in the hospital, because in the end it has done its job and dies with birth. That's okay, because that's life and I don't have to make more of it than it is. She is giving our baby to papa and me, and we are giving her a new apartment.

I like it:

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