Eiapopeia from heaven meaning whatsapp

It was in the sad month of November
The days grew dreary
The wind tore the leaves from the trees,
I'm traveling over to Germany.

And when I got to the limit
I feel stronger knocking there
In my chest, I think so
The eyes began to drip.

And when I heard the German language
Then I felt strange;
I meant no other than the heart
Bleed to death quite pleasantly.

A little harp girl was singing.
She sang with real feelings
And wrong voice, but I became very much
Touched by their game.

She sang of love and sorrow of love,
Sacrifice and recovery
Up there in that better world
Where all suffering disappears.

She sang of the earthly valley of misery,
Of joys that will soon melt away
From the beyond, where the soul indulges
Transfigured in eternal delights.

She sang the old renunciation song
The egg apopeia from heaven,
What one lulls with when it grumbles,
The people, the big lout.

I know the way, I know the text
I also know the authors;
I know they secretly drank wine
And publicly preached water.

A new song, a better song
O friends, I will write poetry for you!
We want to be here on earth
Establish the kingdom of heaven.

We want to be happy on earth
And do not want to starve any more;
The lazy belly should not feast,
What hard-working hands acquired.

There is enough bread growing here
For all human children
Even roses and myrtles, beauty and lust,
And sugar peas no less.

Yes, sweet peas for everyone
As soon as the pods burst!
We leave the sky
The angels and the sparrows.

And grow wings after death
So we want to visit you
Up there, and we, we eat with you
The most blissful pies and cakes.

A new song, a better song!
It sounds like flutes and violins!
The miserere is over
The death bells are silent.

The maiden Europe is engaged
With the beautiful genius
The freedom, they are in each other's arms,
You indulge in the first kiss.

And the priest's blessing is missing
The marriage becomes valid no less -
Long live the groom and the bride,
And their future children!

A wedding poor is my song
The better, the new!
Go up in my soul
The stars of the highest consecration -

Enthusiastic stars, they blaze wildly,
Dissolve in torrents -
I feel wonderfully strengthened
I could break oaks!

Ever since I stepped on German soil
Magic juices flow through me -
The giant touched the mother again,
And his strength grew again.