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Important Buddhist places in India

One of the most popular religions in the world, with the basic idea of ​​creating peace worldwide, is Buddhism. Accordingly, there are also scattered all over the world, but also in India, numerous places where Buddhism is lived. The "Buddha Tour India" promises a fascinating experience that should help pilgrims, Buddhists and tourists to understand and experience life according to the basic principles of the Buddha.

Travel India is one of the leading tour operators in the country and is known for comfort and customer friendliness at reasonable prices. Buddhism is mainly spread in the north-east and in the villages where Buddha spent a part of his life. Nevertheless, Buddhist sights can be found all over India. Most of the destinations that we, Travel India, use for the "Buddha Tour India" are linked to the places where Buddha spent a period of his life.

Buddhism in India is said to be one of the few religions that successfully achieves true inner calm, peace and serenity. It is belief that helps followers get the joy and satisfaction they seek. Donate your time, set off in the footsteps of the Buddha and get an insight into the harmony, compassion and awareness of everyday life that is lived here. The most important and also most effective aspect of this Buddha trip in India is that tourists and pilgrims can meet in the same places, meditate together, exchange ideas and learn from one another.

The "Buddha Tour India", organized by Reisen India, takes you to the most celebrated places of Buddhism in India and also includes the world-famous Golden Triangle in northern India. On this tour, some well-known, quiet Buddhist destinations are targeted, where visitors can visit temples, monasteries and historical buildings. The destinations covered on this trip which are the top Buddha cities in India would be:

Bodh Gaya
The world's most important pilgrimage destination for Buddhists! This highly spiritual place is located in the heart of Bihar State. It is believed that Buddha attained his enlightenment here under intense meditation while sitting under a bodhi tree (poplar tree). The exact point of view is manifested today with the extensive Mahabodhi Temple. The community is also home to a large number of Buddhist monasteries. This place is especially popular with people who are looking for peace with the help of meditation and also offers numerous Buddhist courses and retreats.

Kushinagar is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, this is where the demise of Buddha took place. It is said that the Buddha chose you this place because he knew that Subhadda would visit him here, the Brahma Doha would be there and also as an ideal place for the preaching of the Mahá-Sudassana Sutta. And all of this to distribute his remains after his death.

Other Buddhist cities in India would be Sarnath, Sravasti, Rajgir, Nalanda and Ajanta, most of which are covered on this "Buddha Tour India".