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Main difference : Democracy can be defined as the government of people. It is made by the people, for the people, and for the people. The republic is a standard form of government that represents power for the people but only for those in government.

There is definitely a difference between the two forms of government, democracy and republic. It is important to understand them.

A democratic government is based on the idea that all citizens are equal and guarantee the same legal rights. Democracies are elected by the majority of the population and they believe the government should do the right thing. There is no hierarchy in systems. Women are considered equal and no superiority among citizens. In short, democracy is direct rule by the people. In a democratic government, greater power rests with the people, who can use them to their advantage in elections. There are different forms of democratic government: representative, liberal and constitutional. Each is based on the principles of democracy and government regulations.

A republic is a standard form of government. A republican government is based on the idea that there should be no monarchy and that citizens should vote in the election of their heads of government. People choose someone who can represent their interests. A scholar named Machiavelli helped define the term republic; He believed that there could only be one government or one government of the king. Since then, the word republic has been used for governments that grant people their rights and are not under their authority. The republics obey the Constitution and ensure that the government does not forget the rights of citizens that are intended for equality.

It must be remembered that both democracy and the government of the republic are made up of the people. The difference is that democracy is governed by the people and the republic is governed by constitutional laws. However, there is also a democratic republic where citizens elect the leaders to represent them in government. However, the government is the one who actually rules the country.

Comparison between democracy and republic:




It is defined as the government of the people.

It is a standard form of government.


It is the rule of the majority.

Government regulations by law.


Equality for all citizens

The government allows people to choose their leaders.


Present since ancient Greece

Since the Renaissance.


Constitutional, representative, liberal

Liberal and socialist

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