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The Bavarian Illuminati began already at the time of the French Revolution to spread their propaganda in reading clubs in order to adapt the opinions of the readers to their goals. Later, during the 19th century, when the Rothschilds had already taken over the Bank of England, they used the Jewish REUTERS newspaper as a means to an end. Newspaper publishers like "WOLFF" and the French "HAVAS" had the same thing in mind in order to build up an international news monopoly.

The CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and the RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs) were both voted through the »Round Table. launched to expand its influence. The RIIA was created in the head of Cecil Rhodes (British-South African statesman and diamond millionaire), who wanted to extend British rule to the whole world, but especially to the USA.

One possibility to control the masses is the already mentioned »social conditioning« of the RIIA. These trained the military technician Major JOHN RAWLINGS REES, who later opened the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS in Sussex, England. The Tavistock Institute is the core center of England's psychological warfare. As already mentioned, Tavistock methods were used in England as well as in the USA. In addition to the press, they were also used by radio and cinema for mass manipulation, which can now be described as brainwashing due to decades of activity.

The CFR is jointly responsible for the creation of the UN, which it serves as a tool to achieve the »New World Order« or the »One World Government«. According to the documents of "SPOTLIGHT" and other sources that I mentioned in the course of the book, the CFR today has the US government, together with the "Trilateral Commission", 100% in hand. All intelligence services and sources in management positions are also occupied by CFR members. These include Reuters, Associated Press, United Press, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and RCA. Most international newspapers use these as sources. The German counterpart to the CFR are the Bilderbergers and the »DGAP« (German Society for Foreign Policy). Through them, for example, the »Frankfurter Allgemeine«, the »Bild-Zeitung« and »Die Zeit« are added (certainly more). The CFR, which is affiliated with the RIIA and the "Committee of 300", has its members in the leading positions of the largest energy companies, military apparatus and the US government.

Due to the influence of the "Round Table", the "Committee of 300", the "Bilderbergers", the "RIIA" and the "Club of Rome" the same applies to Europe. The Illuminati order "Skull & Bones" forms the "inner circle" of the CFR and thus also includes other media: Time-Life, National Review, Minneapolis Star, Atlantic Monthly, Fortune ...

In 1880 the "Skull & Bones" order founded the "AMERICAN

WIRTSCHAFTSVERBAND «and the AMERICAN HISTORY ASSOCIATION. By the turn of the century, SKULL & BONES had already gained a considerable influence on the education and school system. Timothy Dwight was President of Yale University, and Cornell and John Hopkins Universities were also run by Skull and Bones members. Also included was McGeorge Bundy, who had led the Vietnam War as security advisor to Kennedy and President Lyndon Johnson and who was the seat of the Dean of Harvard University. Any historical information that goes against the guidelines of the "American History Association", ie against "Skull & Bones", is not permitted for teaching purposes. The same thing happens in Germany as well as in all other countries in the world.

In Russia and the GDR one taught according to communist, that is to say "illuminated", guidelines, in Arab or Jewish countries according to their interests. The main thing is that people have not been educated "TO themselves", namely to think, judge and act independently.

In 1946, the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION had spent $ 139,000 to present an official version of World War II that obscured the entire structure of the Nazi regime by the US bankers. One of the main donors of the funds was Rockefeller's own Standard Oil Corp. (112 A)

The "Ford Foundation" was originally set up with funds from the Henry Ford auto industry. But in the end she too was infiltrated by "Skull & Bones" members who also used the foundation's assets to stupid the school system and the general public. The current school system of Western nations is also controlled by the Illuminati and its branches. Most of the organizations that publish textbooks are indirectly funded by Illuminati.

McGeorge Bundy, also a member of "Skull & Bones", was the US national security advisor during the Vietnam War. He became the President of the Ford Foundation in 1966 and elected "Skull & Bones" member Harold Howe II as Vice President. Its area of ​​disposal was the research and education department. The abnormal use of foundation funds forced the Ford family to resign.

The psychological warfare techniques that were started in the WELLINGTON-HOUSE and perfected in the "TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN STUDIES" are described by Edward Bernay as follows:

“As the population grew, so did the Illuminati in the area of ​​directing mass consciousness. Through the news services, press, newspapers, telephone, radio, and airplanes, all of which are controlled by the Illuminati, ideas and opinions can be quickly spread across the country. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the behavior and opinions of the masses is one of the most important elements of democratic society. Those who use these mechanisms are the real ruling power in this world. "

There is little doubt how important the role of the media is today. (113)

For example, there is television, where it becomes very clear how negative messages such as news, horror and violence films influence the behavior of the viewer. However, television is mainly used to suggest opinions. How to think, act and look. What you need to be "IN" and what political orientation you should take. Hussein is bad, but Bush, Clinton and Kohl are good. Astrology, laying on of hands, UFOs and spoon-bending are crap, but sex films, soccer on Saturday night and drinking on the weekend are OK .. Few dare to say that exactly the opposite is the case, because they might then be laughed at by other brainwashed people (Please excuse my harsh language, but I cannot weaken the term brainwashed at this point, because after decades of manipulation of the masses - and my research has uncovered terrifying things - it cannot be phrased any less aptly). The thing is that nowadays you are laughed at or looked at crookedly for asking your own opinion that may be contrary to mass consciousness. Actually, you should be rewarded for it.

The seeds are growing.

Another example is the cinema, where an additional image (e.g. cola can) can appear on the screen through a special recording technique, which the eye does not perceive, but which is nevertheless recorded by the subconscious, about the purchase or consumption of the respective object to stimulate - so-called »subliminal messages«.

The best example, however, is the music and record industry. Here, for decades, »backward masking« has been used to influence the listener using higher frequency recordings and magical rituals.

In the case of frequency recordings, messages are played on tape, but at a frequency that is so high that the ear can no longer consciously perceive them, but still reach the subconscious (subliminal messages).

With "backward masking" messages are recorded backwards and thus also integrated by the subconscious. If you play the tapes backwards, the messages come to the fore.

Some examples:

KISS (Kings in Satan's Service)

Song: God of Thunder

Message: The devil himself is your god!


Song: Like a Virgin

Message: I am walking in sin!


Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Message: To hell with the Bible!

All i want is magic!


Song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic!

Message: The wicked have violence!

Rolling Stones

Song: Tops

Message: I love you, says the devil.


Song: Purple Rain

Message: Heaven is about to be blown up!

Cindy Lauper

Song: She Bop

Message: You are helpless against evil, against playing backwards. Ha ha ha.

The Beatles

Song: Revolution No. 9

Message: Start smoking marijuana

(start smoking marijuana) and:

Turn me on dead man

(Turn me on, dead man = Jesus)

It is interesting here, although it is not actually part of the topic, what John Lennon said to Tony Sheridan in 1962 in the Hamburg Star Club:

“I know the Beatles will do better than any other group. I know exactly because for this success I sold my soul to Satan! "

Very few people knew that, didn't they?

Another very interesting example from the record industry:

JOHN TODD, who, by his own account, was a former initiate of the highest occult power circles of the Illuminati (Council of 13), calls this a Luciferian organization that wants to bring about world government by all means. Above all, the youth is the target of the Illuminati, because as Hitler already knew:

"Whoever has the youth has the future".

John Todd was the head of the largest association of record and concert recording companies in the United States, ZODIACO Productions. His story is that every matrix recording (the original) of every record, that is, classical, country, rock, schnulzen, meditation music, disco, home songs ... just any kind of music, (not just rock or heavy metal, as some religion fanatics do would have loved to have been discussed by 13 selected people through black magic rituals and occupied with demons.

These people do these things not for financial reasons but to control people's minds.

Superstition or the devil's stuff, some will say here. Devil stuff or not, I'm talking about the largest record merger in the entire United States, with the richest people on the planet behind them. Whatever these manipulators do, call it whatever you like, brought them to this wealth and power and brought the people and nations of this world to the state they are in now, and has a very powerful effect on everyone individual listener, including you.

A second company called "MARANATA" in California later emerged from ZODIACO. The purpose and aim of this project was to capture all the young Christians and those of other faiths. That is why they chose band names with a positive sound and positive lyrics, but still recorded satanic and destructive messages on the recordings. The first project was »JESUS ​​CHRIST SUPERSTAR«. (114)

As you can see, names are smoke and mirrors, and you can't get through the subject of music with superficiality. It doesn't matter whether these people use satanic or "buy-in" messages, the fact is that these people, and there are many of them, act against the free will of others. But here, too, there are ways and means to protect yourself from it or to learn to deal with it. Because man still has the free will to choose the music he listens to.

Apparently, the mass media is one of the main tools used to keep people stupid and ignorant. That is the reason why hardly anyone knows the true background in politics, economics and religion. The same applies to the history of man, his true origin, structure and structure of our earth (especially inside), the actual state of the moon and Mars, the real space program, free energy, natural healing methods, spiritual healing, the real life of Jesus , the human light body (the soul and its aura), its magnetic field (the merkabah) and aliens with their technology. As you have probably noticed yourself, not even 0.1% of Germans will have heard of missile designs in our OWN COUNTRY.

Think carefully about it!

I would like to take a section from Hesemann's »UFOs - The Contacts«, which explains why the topic »UFOS« continues to be treated as humbug in the media:

“The number of sightings kept rising, and it seemed like the UFO invasion would never end. In June 1952 alone, 250 sightings were reported to the Luftwaffe. The Air Force's UFO investigation project BLUE BOOK now had over 2,000 inspection reports in its files, 25% of which were classified as "UNKNOWN". With this, of course, the phenomenon had taken on a dimension that was also of interest to other departments. As early as September, America's all-powerful and notorious CIA (Central Intelligence) intervened in the official investigation to determine whether the flying saucer problem was a national security threat and whether appropriate investigations and investigations were being conducted on the matter should. A rethe of CIA documents from this period were released in 1977 by US President Jimmy Carter ... (see UFOs The Evidence). On September 11, 1952, Marshall Chadwell, vice director of the CIA's science department, reported to the director of the CIA that a worldwide reporting system had been put in place and all leading air bases had been given orders to intercept unidentified objects in flight ... Flying saucers pose two types of danger. The first is the psychological impact on the masses and the second is the vulnerability of the airspace of the United States ... From a practical point of view, we recommend ... "Establish a national policy on what can be said of the public about this phenomenon." Based on our research programs, the CIA should develop and recommend a public information policy to the National Security Council that minimizes the risk of panic.

"That meant, in the words of Major Kehoe," a shrewd and ruthless censorship to eradicate public belief in UFOs. "To this end, the CIA arranged a meeting of Air Force officials and scientists at the Pentagon for a secret analysis of the UFO evidence ... This meeting took place January 14-18, 1953, under the direction of Dr HR Robertson of the University of California, after whom it was also called the "ROBERTSON PANEL." The timing was well chosen. A new Republican president, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, had been elected in early November. Eisenhower was to be sworn in at the end of January. Until then, it was necessary to propose a new, successful policy to the President. As early as November 18, 1952, CIA director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter had declared in an inauguration paper for the newly elected president on the UFO issue:

“The main implications for national security are that the motives and ultimate intentions of these visitors are still completely unknown. In addition, there was a noticeable increase in reconnaissance flights by these ships between May and autumn of this year, which led to serious concerns that new steps were imminent. For these reasons, but also for obvious international and technological reasons and the urgent need to prevent panic at all costs, the Majestic 12 Commission of Inquiry remains unanimously of the opinion that strict security measures can also, and without interruption, be applied to the new Administration must continue.

"... On the last day the committee passed an education program" for the public, which, with the participation of all government agencies concerned, is to pursue two main goals: schools and trivializing. The goal of trivializing would be to reduce public interest in the »flying saucers and could be achieved through mass media such as television, film and articles. The basis for this would be actual cases that created confusion but were then explained. As with magic tricks, there is less interest when the puzzle has already been solved ... The national security authorities should immediately take all necessary steps to deprive the unidentified flying objects of the special status, the aura of mystery they had acquired.

"We have been instructed to participate in a nationwide" one way explanation campaign, "said Air Force press spokesman Albert M. Chop," to put articles in newspapers and give interviews to ridicule UFO reports. " Captain Ruppelt added, “And that wasn't even the worst. We were ordered to keep sightings secret if at all possible, or, if a report was prematurely exposed to the public, to explain it away (weather balloon, meteor, cloud, forgery ..., the author), in any case to do everything possible to help it to get rid of the world as quickly as possible. If we couldn't come up with a plausible explanation, we should just ridicule the witnesses ”. In the next few months, Chop and Ruppelt resigned from the Air Force.

But the CIA policy of "trivializing" or ridiculing

was only too successful. How successful it is, we see in an open letter from the Justice for Military Personnel (JMP) initiative dated September 4, 1987 to then US President Ronald Reagan: The national UFO banalization campaign ordered by the CIA in 1953 produced books and infiltrated the press with hundreds of articles to surround the UFO issue with an atmosphere of ridiculousness through false "UFO contacts" and obvious "UFO hoaxes". This campaign, which is still going on, infiltrated leading civil UFO research groups with CIA agents in order to ridicule them through targeted manipulation or to steer their efforts towards "other explanations". This cover-up policy was more successful than the CIA ever expected, thanks to the brilliant manipulation of the press through the cover-up strategy. The mainstream press, for fear of being ridiculous, proved all too gullible for "official statements."

NATO Major Hans C. Petersen writes about the reasons for this massive confidentiality policy:

1. The monetary system would collapse - no power group would allow that.

2. All religions would have to rethink, because the truth is much simpler than the churches have taught us. That is, the churches and their religious leaders would lose their power and influence over the people. No church wants that.

3. Our energy supply would be changed because we would get to know an energy source that does not pollute our world. At the same time, however, the multinational oil companies, the nuclear lobby, etc. would lose their buyers and with them their power. When you consider how far the control of these corporations goes, you can see the extent of the opposing party.

4. Our politicians themselves, of course - the people of the earth would recognize that they are ONE humanity and that the national borders as relics of an overly predominant past no longer have any meaning. Who still trusts our political leaders when it becomes apparent that they have lied to us for decades in order to maintain their power?

Mathias Bröckers from the Berlin daily TAZ captured this most aptly in his report on the Frankfurt UFO Conference in 1990:

“... today, as then, the governments of the world have no interest, for reasons of self-preservation, in admitting the presence of a technologically and spiritually superior cosmic authority. Who listened to a dumpling like Helmut Kohl, who listened to our Nobel Prize winners and haughty ones. Experts, when suddenly a heavenly little gray person tells about the laws and rules on Reticula and the history of the cosmos on television? No pig, and therefore UFOs must also be dealt with on the Loch Ness level in the future - the existence of extraterrestrials is subversive and radical and overturns everything that two thousand years of science and evolutionary research have produced "hard facts". And who, as the so-called "crown of creation", wants to come to terms with the fact that the supernatural may not be supernatural at all, but simply supernatural. "

To conclude on the subject of UFOs, I can only say again:

"Find the truth, because the truth sets you free!"

Another example is the top secret CIA project "MK ULTRA", which was used by American psychologists and sociologists in the USA after the 1950s to determine the effects of mind-altering drugs.

In the meantime, experiments were no longer carried out on guinea pigs, but on students at American universities. State-funded scientists administered drugs and psychedelic drugs to them, sometimes with their consent and sometimes without their knowledge. Such experiments carried out on a massive scale brought about the great breakthrough of the "hippie movement" in the United States. 115)