Superoxide formation in cells, which is diffusion

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Diffusion is a natural process. During diffusion, the movement of particles leads to a redistribution of the particles in space. This process also takes place in the human body. The cause of the movement of the particles is a different concentration of the particles in different areas of the body.

The human body consists to a large extent of water. The water particles move and are distributed as evenly as possible through diffusion. The water particles can also pass through the shells of cells.

This movement of the water particles can be measured in the MRI scan. The measured values ​​are processed into images. Using these images, the doctor can assess how well the water particles can redistribute themselves in the tissue.

If the passage of the water particles through the cell envelope is disturbed, the water particles can no longer redistribute normally. One also speaks of a diffusion disorder. Causes of a diffusion disorder can be, for example, inflammation or tissue damage.

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