Bus from Howrah to Garfa Hauptstrasse

back again in the very wet weather down the coast ..
i took a ferry to cochin fort, there are the chinese fishing net. after i was in the ferry the rain was start like hell, so i didnt saw something from the boat ride, there have no windows, so they covered the "window" with plankets, so you will loke to a dark planket ... fort cochin was a nice place, not the heart of the city, but small and not noise and busy. i had a look to the chinese fishing net, i must say i was not really impressed, the sea is very polluted and i had not the luck to see there put the net down for 5min. and lifted again for see waht there get. so i pre book for a backwater trip. hopefully it's nice weather, since more then a week it's here raining ...

buddha was looking the rain is not coming, and we had a really nice day, two men's pushing the boot with sticks, like in venice, but the boot is much more bigger, and some time there must work against the river. so we stop to visit a lime factory, there make lime burning shell's. and we saw a roop factory, there made roop with coconut fibers, you know the thing is outside the coconut. i was impressed how strong the roop are. on lunch time we had the traditional thali, with a plamtreeleave as dish. the boatride was really nice. we had a good group, one german, one french and three americans. the cappel from amerika went for 4 month in manali, they did skiing up there, and they had some not unusally news from himanshu, our all friend. he is really a pain in the ass ... but more then when im back ..
in the evening i went out with the americans for dinner, trevor was telling his girlfriend we had a nice day without rain, just after 5sec. was raining like hell. trevor and i we ran that fast we could to the place were the restaurant was, but even then, we two are wet, like we had an other shower. the beer and the food was good, so we dident think about it.

i saw engouh from the monsoon, and i advised to go to munnar, as stephan told me. its in the mountains, 1100 meters above sea level. the air was fresh, still raining some time, but not that often then on the coast. i took a riksha-wallah for the next day, he, panali drove me through the teafields. and i had luck again, was not raining. was beautifully, i saw a wild elephant, and the landscape was amazing. we went on a pass, 2200 meter over sea level, and still there i saw some teafields, there are the highest in the world, so awake out for the tea i bought.

now im in madurai, a big city, noise really busy, and hassling when i arrived here. the temple was really nice, diffrent then i saw in karnataka or kerala. here are every colorful statue, and the tower are much higher then the others i saw. the city i dont liked, here in south i think it's much more hassling then up north, but maybe it's im traveling alone ...

more next week, i go to coimbatore for the interview, hopefully the swiss company rieter give me a chance.