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Hello Heimchen007,

have you found what you are looking for?

If not, a few pointers on what to consider If you have a lot of illustrations, make sure that the paper for your book is thick enough. Illustrations look better quality and more beautiful on thicker, white paper. The colors come into their own. Books have a standard paper thickness of 90g / m². In the case of an illustrated book or book with a large proportion of images, however, it can be 170 - 250g / m².

Another important point when choosing the right paper is the finishing. Gloss finish makes the paper, as the name suggests, shiny. This also creates slight reflections. At first glance, however, such a paper appears to be of higher quality. In contrast, the matte paper stands. This is not so susceptible to fingerprints and overexposed photos are more effective on this paper because they have a slight sheen from the outset.

Digital printing is also much cheaper than offset printing, and with modern and new technologies, there is hardly any qualitative difference to be seen here.

When publishing, we advise you not to pay in advance, as debts can accumulate this quickly. Try to get your book published by publishers you trust.

Have you also considered publishing the book as an eBook? Depending on what kind of illustrations you have, this would be another opportunity for you to get your book published.

Also look at reviews and testimonials from other authors. You can now find a rating for everything and everyone on the Internet. Self-publishing platforms could also be of interest to you. Here you are completely on your own when it comes to the equipment and content of your book. However, your book will also be published in well-known shops such as Amazon or Google and Apple. Just take a look at the portfolios of these platforms, maybe this is just right for you. Of course we also offer this ;-)

We hope we could help you.

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Eva, from the epubli team