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How to mix colors


Primary colors

Before explaining how to mix colors, it is important that you know that primary colors cannot be obtained from other colors, that is, Red, yellow and blue can never be mixed by mixing other colors can be obtained. This is why these are known as primary colors because they are the basis for creating other tones.

Therefore, in order to mix colors, you need to have these three basic tones.

Get the orange color

To get an orange tone, you have to Mix red with yellow . Depending on the shade you want, consider adding more than one color or the other. If you want an intense orange, add more red. If you are looking for a less intense color, adding more yellow is ideal. Experiment to get it!

Get the green

Turns green achieved by mixing blue and yellow ; If you're looking for an intense green, you need to add more yellow, and you can get a pastel shade by adding white.

Violet - lavender - lavender

From the You get mix of red and blue a purple, lavender, or purple hue (among some of the many names that color gets). With more red color they appear reddish or close to fuchsia and otherwise when blue predominates. You can get a wide variety of tones with your mind!

Make your own rose

To prepare pink color you need to They add white to red to reduce the sound. Depending on the desired intensity, you will need more or less white paint.

Get the brown tone

If we look at the three basic colors Connect red, blue and yellow , we get tan. Playing with different amounts of each color we can get lots of earth tones so your best bet is to find the color you want.

Gray is very easy to come by

To get a gray color we just have to reduce the black with white and of course, the more white you use, the lighter the gray.

Mixes to get pastel colors

The same way if you're after Pastel colors search or the intensity of a tone by mixing colors to reduce all you have to do is add white to the initial color. This will give you a clearer key until you find the one you need or like the most.

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