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Getting Started with XlsxWriter

Running a sample program

If the installation went correctly you can create a small sample program like the following to verify that the module works correctly:

importxlsxwriterworkbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook ('hello.xlsx') worksheet = workbook.add_worksheet () worksheet.write ('A1', 'Hello world') workbook.close ()

Save this to a file called and run it as follows:

This will output a file called which should look something like the following:

If you downloaded a tarball or cloned the repo, as shown above, you should also have a directory called examples with some sample applications that demonstrate different features of XlsxWriter.


The latest version of this document is hosted on Read The Docs. It is also available as a PDF.

Once you are happy that the module is installed and operational you can have a look at the rest of the XlsxWriter documentation. Tutorial 1: Create a simple XLSX file is a good place to start.