How to make kesari in a rice cooker

This is how a rice cooker works

Rice cookers look confusingly similar to a small kitchen deep fryer. If you open the lid, you can see a cooking pot that can hold between one and five liters, depending on the model. One liter of rice is enough as a side dish for around 6 people. Read here how rice cookers work and what advantages they have.

This is how the automatic cooker works

In the rice cooker it is impossible for rice to burn. This makes the cooking process so practical and easy to monitor.

  • Only rice and water are put into the cooker.
  • A temperature sensor in the cooker monitors the temperature.
  • As long as there is water in the stove, the temperature remains at 100 degrees Celsius.
  • As soon as the water has evaporated or is completely absorbed in the spring rice, the temperature rises and the sensor in the rice cooker switches off or switches to "keep warm".

Rice Cooker Instructions

How to cook rice in the rice cooker:

  1. Measure out the rice using an enclosed mug and wash it.
  2. Then put the rice in the container, fill up to a mark with water and add salt.
  3. Then the lid is closed and the cooker is activated.
  4. After the water has boiled away, the device automatically switches to “keep warm”.
  5. Depending on the type of rice, the rice is ready to serve immediately or has to brew for a short time.

The benefits of a rice cooker

A rice cooker is available from around 20 euros. Those who often cook rice and are not always happy with the pot version will gain a lot with it:

  • If you stick to the specified quantities, the rice will always succeed and has the optimal consistency.
  • After switching on, you no longer have to worry about the cooking process.
  • Even if you miss the completion, it does not matter at all, since the keeping of warmth works fine even with cheap devices.
  • In contrast to our usual cooking methods, the rice remains wonderfully fluffy for hours after cooking if you use the keep warm function.
  • With elaborate menus, the stove remains free for other pots.

You should also pay attention to this

  • It is important to have a removable pot with a non-stick surface for easier cleaning after cooking.
  • The metal lid, which covers the cooking space after the housing lid is closed, should also be removable. Because when the rice cooker is full, the rice will stand up there and dirty it.
  • You should carefully weigh the benefits of special functions. Most of the time, the purchased device is only used for the main purpose.
  • You can usually do without special steaming levels for other food or complex displays.