What does chaff and grain mean together?


  • chaff - [ʃprɔy̮], the; : from pods, husks or the like. Existing waste from threshing: sweep up the chaff; ☆ Separate the wheat from the chaff / separate: Separate the worthless from the valuable: When editing this text, you first have to remove the chaff from the…… Universal Lexicon

  • chaff - the; ; singular only; the stalks, husks, grain waste || ID Separate the wheat from the chaff Separate the bad from the good ... Langenscheidt Großwortbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache

  • chaff - Sf std. (8th century), mhd. Spriu, ahd. Spriu n root word. In addition to the verb mhd. Spræwen, spræjen, mndl. spray, spray, spray, sprinkle and continue to ig. (eur.) * Sprinkle like sprinkles2, spray. Presumably the chaff is called that because it ... ... Etymological dictionary of the German language

  • chaff - Chaff, so v.w. Boil 1)… Pierer's Universal Lexicon

  • chaff - Chaff, dump, husks falling off when the grains are threshed, seed coats, awns, mixed with leaves and parts of stems ... Small conversation encyclopedia

  • Chaff [2] - Chaff, the common star (see starlings) ... Small conversation lexicon

  • chaff - Chaff, die: Kaff (norddt)… The dictionary of synonyms

  • chaff - the; ... The German spelling

  • chaff - 1. One cannot drive the dust out of the chaff. 2. The chaff will never turn into grain. 3. The chaff is proud when it lies with the wheat. 4. The chaff does not have to scold the scoop. 5. Every chaff finds its fire. 6. No chaff in the grain ... German Proverbs Lexicon

  • chaff - Rice husks chaff, also called kaff, are the husks and pods, awns, seed coats and stalk parts that fall off when grain is threshed. Chaff is used as roughage. In a figurative sense, the saying from the Bible Mt 3,12… German Wikipedia