How far is the Dalton Highway paved

America's Most Dangerous Road: Alaska's Dalton Highway

On the Yukon (dpa) - It is a few hundred miles long and they have it all: The Dalton Highway is considered the most dangerous road in the United States. The high-speed route, which is seldom covered by asphalt but often covered by ice, is now a global television star.

There is pretty much nothing that is not warned about on the Dalton Highway: falling rocks, potholes, deer crossing, sudden winds, ice, dangerous animals, tight turns and more. What so confidently calls itself a highway is a largely unpaved road, away from all human dwellings and almost only used by bold truckers: The Dalton Highway in northern Alaska is one of the most dangerous roads in the world - and therefore a legend.

Three quarters of the 666 kilometers, the number could be surprising, are beyond the Arctic Circle. The highway was built in the 1970s as a maintenance route for the vast Trans-Alaska Pipeline and named after an engineer. There are only two places on the way: Coldfoot, also the name “Kaltfuß” is no coincidence, has 10 residents, Wiseman 14 residents. Not 14,000, just 14. After that, for almost 400 kilometers, nothing comes to Deadhorse on the Arctic Ocean.