What draws Venus in Libra man

Is the Libra man in love? How does he show interest and feelings?

Is the Libra man in love? How do these men show their true feelings & 100% interest in you?

With these 5 clear signals you can assess whether your Libra is really in love with you.
Do you want to know everything about Libra men and feelings?

Can't you say exactly whether he likes you as much as you like him? How does a man of this sign of the zodiac behave when in love?
Here we show you how you can tell from his body language what feelings he is having.

Do you want to know how to win his heart? Read all 5 tricks through to the end of the page and you will find out everything.
Perhaps the happiness of your love depends on correctly understanding its signs and also using them for the benefit of your love.

So read on if you want to know how to spot sure signs of love.

When the Libra man is in love

1. Signal of love
When he gets in touch with you

If this zodiac sign is unsure, then it doesn't dare to contact you. He fears that he will be rejected or that he will not be liked. It is also possible that this man is still unsure of his own emotions. Therefore he does not answer at first.

Scales can be very indecisive. It has to do with their insecurity. So if you want to conquer it, you have to keep that in mind. However, we will show you tips on how you can still wrap it around your finger. Just read on here.

So when you get a message by SMS, email or Whatsapp, or even get a call, then he is sure to have fallen in love with you.

When the Libra man has contacted you, don't go straight to the limit. Otherwise he will be scared and withdraw.

With this little mistake, you could have ended everything by mistake before it even started. That would be really sad. So hold out and give the Libra man space to retreat.

If this sign of the zodiac feels understood and notices that you give it the opportunity to withdraw from time to time, then it will reward you with many feelings.

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Libra men and feelings: one thing is clear

2. Signal of love
It just gushes out of him

A Libra is often quite indecisive. That can not only make you feel insecure, it can also be annoying. You have to be patient and trust.

Trust is an important keyword. Once he has gained confidence in you and knows that you are a good friend, then he shows more and more his feelings for you.

Pay attention to his eyes. Is he looking for your eye contact? If he's interested in you, he may be shy at first, but tries to get your attention to him.

Another attempt to get your attention is if he just babbles carelessly and lets you in on his thoughts. You can take this as a clear sign that he is interested in you.

How does this zodiac sign show disinterest? E.g. by not approaching you at all and never being interested in you. If he doesn't try to get you to look at him and if he doesn't talk at all on his own, then you're more likely to let go.
If you want to know more which signals clearly show whether your Libra is interested in you, then just read on here.

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How does a Libra man show interest?

3. Signal of love
When he asks and asks and asks

This zodiac sign has a wide range of interests. He also asks you about very personal things?

Does he want to know what you think?

These are then clear signals that you are in love. He will ask questions about you, your world and your thinking until you understand that he has fallen in love with you.

This is how a Libra shows its interest.

Libra cannot help but be interested in the person they fell in love with. And they show that by asking more and more questions.

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4. Signal of love: When he wants to put you to the test with games

What? Is love supposed to be put to the test? This zodiac sign isn't just cute and loving. His insecurity can drive him to the point that he wants to put you to the test. At first it looks as if he is no longer interested in you at all.

You may not be able to tell right away. Have faith. His emotions for you are still there, only he does not show them to you. He wants to check whether your affection for him is real.

So accept the challenge and play the game first. You will see, it's worth it!

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5. Signal of love: If you accept his challenge and play along

Libra don't just want to be nice and play in love. They also want to look cooler and see if you stay anyway.

What does that mean for you now?

Accept the challenge. Show yourself totally in love today and a little cooler tomorrow. Then you arouse his interest.

Libra men have a balancing nature. But they don't always want to be labeled as nice and nice. So they show the cold shoulder too.

Do not get me wrong. You shouldn't hurt your crush. Just tease a little. The Libra man will appreciate a little spice in his love life. That is far more interesting than just being nice and nice all the time.

If he sees that you are playing his games, then you've won him. If you prepare even the most teasing little samples for him, then he is completely blown away.

Is the Libra man in love? How do you recognize 100% his interest? Because Libra men and feelings can be seen through. Especially with these 5 signals.

This zodiac sign doesn't want to hurt. So he doesn't like to hurt your feelings either. “He just wants to play!” That brings a little tension into life and love.

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