What does kung fu grip mean

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

I now had ten full days with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Ten days of not sleeping and just taking a break from the new phones for quick meals and other blog posts. Or to put it another way: "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."

First of all, this post follows on from my first impressions from Tuesday. I try not to repeat the experiences written down there again.

The two sixes after 10 days

4.7 or 5.5 inches? A world-shattering question! At this point everything has been said about it, every word has been written and the debate has been discussed in every detail; every advantage and every disadvantage are weighed. And somehow we're all as smart as we were before, right?

Androids regularly praise theirs selection on different devices. A big one with a lot of battery, one that folds up or one with two SIM cards. Apple is offering two iPhones for the first time, both in the premium segment, with no clear gradation, and people are desperate.

Last Friday was mine Decision day. Until then, I used the same software on both phones, dragged them everywhere together and switched my attention fairly (which, by the way, works surprisingly well technically). Already on Wednesday it became clear that I had reasons to pull the larger plus screen out of my pocket.

Both screens are excellent. The different resolution, 326 ppi compared to 401 ppi, is just one data sheet argument for me in practice. Much more important is how my eyes perceive the screens. And on this scale they indisputably lust after iOS 5.5 ″. It feels like a natural instinct the bigger one to want. The screen is so good I felt like the new max, even though the iPhone 6 feels more familiar. And usually I (we?) Reach for the familiar.

However, familiar means in this context Not, and it wasn't at all clear to me on Tuesday, for example, that I couldn't use any of the phones with just one hand. With the 5s, my little finger usually supports the device downwards, like in a car holder. With both new devices, my little finger is in such a position on the Lightning connector, which protrudes due to the rounding. This is not very pleasant, which is why I now fully grip both iPhones in the kung fu grip and therefore no longer reach with my thumb in every corner.

The last two years have taught us: The 5 (s) can be operated perfectly with just one hand. And Apple advertised exactly with it for the release. In the 30-second spot, 'Thumb' showed a thumb that scanned the iPhone in both height and width. At the time, Apple declared 4-inch to be 'common sense'. Anyone who dares to make such a statement and two years later no longer offers a new 4-inch device must now be laughed at. Those who joke about it today, however, laughed at the only small display increase back then. So everyone turns the arguments as they suit one.

Apple not excluded. Without Samsung and Co. we might never have seen the new screen sizes. Maybe. Maybe 4.7 and 5.5 inches will follow, but just a natural development that Apple has been working on for years?

The fact that these two telephones did not just emerge in the last 12 months, but are usually planned in longer cycles, is also 'common sense' in my opinion.

Nobody denies that Apple could have produced the hardware for a large iPhone years ago. Not in today's material quality, with the force of the new camera sensor or a 64-bit processor that overtakes the competition on the left with less RAM (1 GB). Hardware would still have existed, no question about it.

We would have seen the cutbacks in the software. No side swipes, no car layout and app store developers with headaches. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were only possible this year in this quality, in which the software and hardware interlock. Only since this year have all the pieces of the puzzle been in position.

Really all of the puzzle pieces?

App store software that has not yet been adapted for large screens is a horror. Every morning after getting up, my first step takes me to the App Store to answer the question: "Are new updates available?" And every morning I was surprised by a handful of new apps that have been optimized and stretched overnight - by Fantastical 2 via Instapaper to Twitterrific 5. It will take a while until the triple-A apps are not only to adjust, but actually take advantage of the two large screens; think about new concepts for the extra space.

The inflated representation we are currently grappling with is not a pretty one Hack. But it is a Hack on time; comparable to the first half of the year after the iPhone 5 release.

Both new iPhones are flatter than the 5 (s). This makes them feel less compact, more light-footed. This is an essential difference in order not to make the already large telephones appear monstrous. A model, “less-flat-more-battery”, was certainly extensively tested by Apple. And it was probably rightly refused. A 5s in the left hand and a 6 plus in the right hand give a very good idea of ​​why it was important to get thinner. Not only the weight is decisive here, but also how massive and plump the phone feels.

"But why bigger at all?"

A now unnecessary question, as shown by the successful sales of competing devices in these dimensions. You can spend entire evenings discussing why XXL smartphones are now a trend. Why we make a lot less phone calls today. In the end, it doesn't matter because they are bought and loved.

On the other hand, a permissible question: "Why not a new 4-inch iPhone?"

The answer is probably simpler than some customers would like: Apple seems very happy with its 5s. No, you are even satisfied with your 5c (at the current price level), otherwise its life would not have been extended. Both phones (plus the discontinued models) sold in the past nine months a total of 130 million units. They topped the charts of the best smartphones over the entire period. Why should Apple switch here?

And that will be the very simple answer as to why there is no 4-inch iPhone 6 (mini) this year gives.

Line underneath.

Mine is the 6 plus - at least for the following year. Next autumn it may look completely different with the Apple Watch and the (soon) new iPads. Circumstances and setups change, regardless of whether you buy every year or (like most) every two years.

The smartphone is now the most central of our devices - the 'digital hub' of our generation, if you will. It is also the most personal of all computers. Apple is not offering one, but two premium versions of it this year. A luxury problem? Clear. And yet one can torment oneself with the question of which one of them to 'let into one's life'.

In its first year (2007/2008), Apple wanted to get rid of 10 million telephones, at that time 1% of the mobile communications market, with the iPhone Classic. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tear this number meanwhile on the first sales weekend.

Seven years is a long time, admittedly. Especially for technology. And yet it is only the second time that the screen size of the iPhones has changed. In retrospect, the jump from 3.5 "to 4" was small. Apple feels in one position this year, the people more to be expected. It starts with the customer, but also extends to developers, whose influence Apple does not directly control. However, the ecosystem seems stable enough that Apple can count on getting software customized. This privilege is theirs alone; No Samsung, HTC or Sony can claim that from the so important third-party apps in a comparable speed and quality.

Apple usually says: “Jump!” And the developers ask: “How high?” Although such a change to two new display sizes cannot be taken for granted, it is also clear that every means of selling even more iPhones is at the same time an endeavor for more new software customers.

The balance has worked out over the past few years. It will work again this year. In the future, the differences between iPhone and iPad apps will become blurred and then disappear completely. In future, a distinction will be made according to screen size and no longer according to device. For the time being, the new iPhones close the gap to the iPads.

Getting back to the iPhone 5s after 10 days feels weird. iOS seems to have grown so much more mature on the new devices. For everything you usually do with it. Games are so much better; Photos are so much more massive and the web presses its information so much more directly onto your eyes.

Smaller is no longer an option for me after 10 days.