How to Undo Ctrl F5 in Excel

Keyboard shortcut: Undo - that's how it works

“Undo” is probably one of the most used keyboard shortcuts in the digital world. We'll show you how you can run it on the PC under Windows and on the Mac and how you can undo the deletion of files.

Keyboard shortcut: Undo

The key combination Undo can be used system-wide in Windows as well as in almost all programs that were developed for Windows. In English programs the function is also called undo. To use "Undo", press the following keys on your keyboard:

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If your keyboard uses the English keyboard scheme, the key combination can also be called like this:

Keyboard shortcut: Undo for Mac

If you use a Mac, the key combination looks similar, but there you use the cmd key (⌘) - also known as the Command, Apple or Apple key:

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Undo in software programs

The key combination for undo is also helpful in programs and is usually almost always supported. If you've made a mistake in Paint or Photoshop, for example, you can quickly undo the last step. However, there may be times when the key combination does not work.

Alternatively, you can often find the command in the menu bar To edit. Then it says here Undone or step back.

Undo deletion

What many do not know: If you have deleted a file on the Windows desktop or from Windows Explorer, you can quickly undo the deletion by pressing the corresponding key combination on the keyboard: Ctrl + Z No more searching for files in the recycle bin and restoring them. To do this, however, the Explorer window must still be active.

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