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Renusol supplies leading UK electrical wholesalers with a full range of PV mounting systems

Cologne, December 2nd, 2014 - The Cologne-based PV mounting system manufacturer Renusol is now supplying Edmundson Electrical, one of the leading UK electrical wholesalers, with its entire product range. This allows solar systems to be attached to all types of roofs as well as to open spaces. Edmundson sells photovoltaic products under the Greentech umbrella brand in 22 of its 250+ Edmundson and Electric Center offices in the UK.

“Renusol is one of the strongest brands in Europe and offers smart fastening solutions for every roof. We were convinced that the manufacturer has over 15 years of experience and develops assembly systems that are really well thought out and simple. For example, Renusol has developed a module clamp that works for all of their systems and module heights. So we don't have to keep a wide variety of terminals in stock and our customers don't have to pay attention to which terminal fits which system and which PV module, ”explains Andrew Fawcett, Business Development Manager at Edmundson Electrical Ltd.

"We are currently expanding our business in the UK significantly and have optimally adapted our assembly systems to the country-specific requirements, for example the side connections for our roof-integrated fastening solution InterSole have been adapted to the roof coverings typical in Great Britain," reports Stefan Ast, Head of Marketing at Renusol GmbH, based in Cologne and country representatives throughout Europe and the USA. "With Edmundson we have a strong partner on board, the Greentech branches are an excellent idea and offer the craftsmen and planners competent on-site support."

Edmundson Electrical is now selling, among other things, the new Renusol FS10 flat roof mounting system for photovoltaic systems with an east-west orientation. It does not require mounting rails and thus saves costs and time during installation.

Edmundson has also added the MetaSole + system to its portfolio. It enables framed photovoltaic modules to be installed particularly quickly on trapezoidal sheet metal and corrugated sheet metal roofs, as it consists of a few components - the installation time is less than ten minutes per kWp.

The VarioSole on-roof system for pitched roofs is suitable for all roof coverings common in the UK. Unlike most mounting systems on the market, it can attach solar systems to a wide variety of substructures, regardless of whether it is wood, metal or concrete.

All Greentech branches with the complete Renusol product portfolio can be found here: The other Renusol mounting systems can be found here:

About Renusol

Renusol GmbH has specialized in intelligent solutions for the installation of photovoltaic systems for over 15 years. Renusol develops, produces and sells modular systems for installing solar systems on open spaces and roofs of all kinds. The company is represented with its systems and services in all core markets in Europe and the USA. Renusol's headquarters are in Cologne.

About Edmundson Electrical

Edmundson Electrical sells a wide range of electrical products, including cable technology, electrical control, lighting and ventilation. With 250 branches, the company is one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Great Britain. Edmundson sells all components that are necessary for the construction of a photovoltaic system under the umbrella brand "Greentech". PV experts advise craft businesses and provide support with system planning.


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