How to check the valve clearance ktm 690

Adjust the valves on the KTM LC4: this is how it works

It is important that you regularly check and adjust the valve clearance to keep the engine running smoothly. With the right tools and a few tricks, every hobby screwdriver can adjust the valve setting of the KTM LC4.




Tool list: you need this for valve adjustment

The tools can differ from model to model. As a general rule, however, you should have the following tools and materials at hand:

  • T-handle with 8 and 13 socket
  • Long nose pliers, cranked
  • 8 and 10 mm wrenches, each long and cranked
  • Allen key 5, cranked and with ball head
  • Clamp wrench
  • Copper rings
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • cable ties
  • Side cutter
  • Long slotted screwdriver
  • Original spark plug wrench
  • Grease
  • Feeler gauges



This is how you can adjust the valves of the KTM LC4

In order to be able to adjust the valves on your KTM LC4, you first have to get to the inlet and outlet. To do this, place the motorcycle on a stand. Then do the following:

  1. Remove the seat by loosening the screws.
  2. Now unscrew the screws on the tank and on the spoiler.
  3. Then loosen the clamp from the fuel hose and disconnect it. Put something underneath, because the spray hose drips after removal.
  4. Lift up the front of the tank and pull it backwards.


Next, you'll want to remove the fan:

  1. First remove the tank roller.
  2. Then disconnect the engine case vent from the valve cover.
  3. Finally, use the screwdriver to unhook the fan and disconnect the cable on the other side of the motorcycle.


In order to be able to adjust the valves on the KTM LC4, you have to switch sides:

  1. Loosen the condenser and the tank roller. Simply place this over the motorcycle.
  2. Now open the cable tie that holds the cables together around the hand-deco lever, loosen it and press it down.
  3. Unhook the hand-deco train and then push the lever back down.


Now dedicate yourself to the spark plug:

  1. Take out the spark plug and check the spark plug cap. This may have to be replaced.
  2. Loosen the valve cover with an Allen key.
  3. Use the same tool to loosen the inlet.
  4. Take out the lid and remove the seal. This must be renewed later.



You can now prepare the valve setting of the KTM LC4

At this point you will be able to prepare for setting the TDC ignition. This works best through the rear wheel. You can find out how to do it here:

  1. Go into third gear and spin the rear wheel forward.
  2. Insert the long flat-blade screwdriver through the spark plug hole and push down on the piston.
  3. Turn the wheel slowly until you reach the highest point.
  4. You can check this in the sight glass. You should pay attention to the point that will be shown to you if you are doing everything right.

tip: Some models show both a dot and a dash. However, it always comes down to the point when it comes to TDC ignition.


And this is how you finally set the valves of the KTM LC4:

  1. Wiggle the rocker arm. You want to achieve a valve clearance of 0.15 millimeters (inlet and outlet).
  2. Bend the feeler gauge and guide it into the opening so that it is between the so-called elephant foot and the valves.
  3. Adjust the valve clearance using the screws so that a suction connection is created.

tip: To make these tasks more successful, you can simply push the radiator hose to one side. Nothing happens and it is much less time-consuming than removing the hose.


Adjusting the valves on the KTM LC4 completed - what now?

Once you've finished adjusting the valves on the KTM LC4, you'll need to reassemble the motorcycle. First of all, it is important to replace sensitive parts, such as the valve cover seals:

  1. Fasten the valve cover seals with grease and never use silicone.
  2. Provide the screws with copper rings and then mount the cover again.
  3. Push the lever back up and hang up the cable, but don't be too tight. The train should have a margin of around five to six millimeters.
  4. Make a new zip tie around the loose cables so you don't run the risk of breaking them.
  5. Refit the cooler cable and then attach the tank pulley.
  6. Screw on the capacitor.
  7. Use the long screwdriver to remove the dirt in the motor housing ventilation hose.
  8. Assemble the hose by always pointing the clamp ends outwards. This is important so as not to destroy any cables or other parts lying around.
  9. Remove everything and finally put the tank and the bench back on.


As a motorcycle fan there are always smaller jobs that you can do yourself. This is not only fun, it also brings you closer to the machine. This is important and can be particularly helpful in an emergency. In his videos on the subject of "Workshop: Tips and tricks for the hobby mechanic", the expert from helps with his practical knowledge and know-how and explains typical scenarios from everyday screwdrivers.


Buy a used KTM LC4 - what should you watch out for?

The instructions for setting the valves in this example refer to the motocross motorcycle KTM LC4, but are similar on many machines. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you have a new or old motorcycle, because the used motocross also fulfills its purpose and can be spiced up with a few tips and tricks by a professional. If you decide on a used motocross, such as the KTM LC4, then the following articles will be helpful for you:



The valve setting of the KTM LC4 is child's play for hobby mechanics

Even if it looks difficult at first glance, it is not that complicated when you adjust the valves on the KTM LC4. For ambitious hobby mechanics, the tips and tricks from the experts are enough to get started. Remember to check and adjust the valves regularly to prevent engine damage.