How long to boil chlorine-resistant

The tarpaulin is also made larger by a factor of 1.03 + 30 cm.

  • for pool size: 600 x 300 cm
  • Tarpaulin size approx .: 648 x 339 cm
  • The circumferential, non-inflatable, edge width with integrated eyelets is approx. 7 cm
  • Colour blue
  • Weight: 1.2 kg per square meter
  • Tarpaulin thickness: 2x 0.6 mm
  • frost-proof, UV-resistant, chlorine-resistant, salt water-resistant

When wintering, the water level may not be lowered more than 40 cm from the top edge of the pool.

inflatable swimming pool cover with patented air chamber system

The first swimming pool cover that protects your swimming pool 100%!

The problem...

The solution...

Air in - dirt out

The dirt stays outside, the heat in the pool

You probably know the problem that a normal swimming pool cover is not really a protection for your swimming pool.

The solution for this is very simple:

A patented double tarpaulin that is handled like a normal swimming pool cover.
The special thing is that they deal with Air filled in a floating cover that prevents flowers, leaves, rainwater and snow from entering your pool.

That they also as solar thermal insulation (Air is the best insulation there is) serves, of course.

Save money, time and nerves

No expensive water changes and basic cleaning every year. Simply open the swimming pool cover and enjoy yourself.

Advantages of this inflatable swimming pool cover:

  • No more dirt, rainwater or snow gets into your swimming pool, dirt and rain simply run off
  • Handling like a normal swimming pool cover, only 1.2mm thick
  • fits standard reels
  • best thermal insulation
  • available in all sizes and shapes
  • significantly cheaper than comparable covers that cost over 80 EUR per m²

Questions and answers:

How is the swimming pool cover handled?
Like a normal swimming pool cover, it can be pulled on and off.

Can it be rolled up using a retractor?
Yes. It is even easier and cheaper to simply roll up the tarpaulin on a pipe over the edge of the pool.

How is the swimming pool cover attached?
like every pool tarpaulin with a rubber cord on the integrated eyelets

How is the swimming pool cover filled with air?
With a fan from the camping accessories, which can also be used to fill inflatables. Depending on the size of the swimming pool cover and the blower, filling takes 3 to 10 minutes. And drained? Simply open the large valve or use the blower to pump out

How do I calculate the price of a swimming pool cover?
Simply enter the inside length and inside width of your pool in the shop

Cross-section without edge cover 

Question: How big will the pool tarpaulin get if I enter the inside dimensions of the pool?

Answer: Length or width x approx. 1.03 + 30cm, which means that it lies optimally on the edge of the pool, as you can see (see sketch).

Cross-section with edge cover
If you want to cover your entire pool edge, simply enter the dimension with the curb stones.

Question: How big is the pool tarpaulin then?
Answer: length or width x approx. 1.03 + 30cm.

Does the swimming pool cover always have to be filled with air?

No, only in bad weather periods. In summer it can be pulled over the swimming pool like a normal pool tarpaulin

Are there swimming pool covers for all swimming pool shapes?
Yes Does the swimming pool cover always have to be filled with air? No, only in bad weather periods. In summer it can be pulled over the swimming pool like a normal pool tarpaulin

Does the ladder have to be removed?
It is better to unhook the ladder, but the tarpaulin can also be pulled around it.

Is the swimming pool cover frost-proof?
It is frost-proof, UV and chlorine-resistant

Can the cover also be used in salt water?
It is also suitable for pools with salt water

Can the water be lowered?
Yes, up to 40 cm

What is the lifespan of the swimming pool cover?
It is made of a material similar to that of truck tarpaulins and, like these, has a very long service life

How heavy is the swimming pool cover?
approx. 1200g / m²

Can the swimming pool cover be repaired by yourself?
Like a pond liner, it can be repaired with solvent welding agent from the hardware store

What color is the pool cover?

What is included in the scope of delivery?
We deliver the covers with the integrated eyelets. You can get the few accessories such as elastic cord and hook very inexpensive in the hardware store

How much elastic cord do you need?
Length of the circumference + allowance for the zigzag bracing

At what distance are the eyelets attached?
every 50cm

How long does the delivery take?
Custom-made products approx. 3 to 4 weeks depending on the season, round standard dimensions 1 week depending on the stock

Does it matter whether the pool is free or completely sunk in the ground?

Assembly instructions

EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC for all of our heaters

According to the EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC, this heater may only be used in well-insulated rooms and only for occasional use.
This heater may also only be used together with an electronic thermostat (control) with "window open" detection.
In accordance with the EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC and Regulation 2015/1188 on the specification of requirements for the environmentally compatible design of local space heaters, the installation and commissioning of infrared heaters is only permitted in conjunction with external room temperature controllers. The room temperature controller must be able to electronically monitor the room temperature, be equipped with a weekday control and remote control and / or window opening detector and / or adaptive control of the start of heating.

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