Parth Samthaan WhatsApp recording programs

LEAKED! The mystery behind Parth Samthaan's ugly Whatsapp scandal and his controversial past with Vikas Gupta!

Our source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to us on what exactly went wrong between Parth and Vikas and how Parth landed himself in a dirty whatsapp chat. Read on ...

It was a little above noon on December 27, when a piece of news broke our afternoon languor. Teen heartthrob and youth icon Parth Samthaan aka Manik Malhotra of the cult show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan found himself in a soup as an entertainment portal leaked out snapshots and details of what was allegedly a scandalous whatsapp group created by the actor to share details of the sexual conquests of his co-stars and himself. The group was named as Wh ** es and more wh ** es. When asked about it, he said he was unaware about the group and also stated that he was being framed by someone. His co-stars Utkarsh Gupta who played Dhruv on the show and Karan Jotwani who plays Aryaman were also questioned by the portal. While Karan stayed mum Utkarsh did confirm that such a group was indeed in existence. Fans of the actor took to social networking sites to defend the actor against the charges. We spoke to a few people in the industry who told us that whatsapp groups were common in the industry and such boy-talk ’was usual amongst friends. Some even scoffed saying it was not news-worthy and surely not ‘Controversial’ considering it was in the private domain. The only thing was - it was highly damaging for Parth’s reputation. He was viewed as someone who had high regard for woman and this revelation shattered that image. Also Read - Broken But Beautiful 3 Teaser reactions: 'Awestruck', 'Insane', 'Goosebumps' fans are mesmerized by Sidharth Shukla-Sonia Rathee's chemistry

Within hours, a lot of hate mail was directed at Vikas Gupta, who was Parth’s long-time friend and mentor. Well, Vikas is a well-known producer and programming head. He was the producer of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. As per buzz, Parth and he were having issues due to professional reasons since a few months. When we contacted him, he said he was shocked by the negativity hurled at it but would not comment since it was now a legal matter. We tried getting in touch with Parth but he remained unavailable. On December 28, he replied back saying, "Just wait a day or so ... You will get your answer." Also Read - Broken But Beautiful 3 teaser: Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee's mesmerizing chemistry is the USP of this passionate love story

On December 30, we got the news of Parth having accused Vikas of molestation, non-payment of dues, defamation and extortion. In a statement, Parth said that he wanted his dues of Rs 5, 50,000 and said that he was being asked to give Rs 50, 00,000 as ransom. He also accused Vikas of trying to ruin his career. While Vikas did not comment, his lawyer Yadunath Bhargawan said that his client had initiated legal proceedings against him. The police however clarified that the stress here was on professional matters and molestation was not the key issue. Also Read - Broken But Beautiful 3 Poster: Makers introduce Sidharth Shukla as passionate Agastya Rao in rain-drenched avatar

The framing angle

One of the key angles of the story is the one where Parth said he was being framed and implicated. An insider tells us that a ploy to trap Parth was being hatched since some time. And it was done in a very inconspicuous manner. The same source informed us that boy talk was quite prevalent amongst the group. So, one day someone suggested that a group be made for the same and casually Parth created the group, which automatically made him the administrator, which is why his initial reaction on the media ‘expose’ was one of shock and then realization. Another source told us that even the telephonic recording, where Parth reportedly bitched about his co-star Niti Taylor was extracted when he was drunk and in a tell-all mode. Only that part of the conversation was recorded and kept for future use. We spoke to a few people in the industry, who talking about the whatsapp footage, said that it was virtually impossible to lay hands on such data unless someone literally doled it out. The ‘coming clean’ ideology was also brushed aside as no one with an iota of intelligence would share such conversations with outsiders.

What went wrong ...

Three days back Ekta Kapoor gave a statement that Vikas Gupta and Parth were in a relationship. Everyone knew that the two shared an extremely close relationship as friends and that Parth considered Vikas as his mentor. However, they had a fall-out due to a change in their personal equation and money matters. A source says it intensified when Parth walked out of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan in the middle of 2015. The actor apparently told the channel that he left due to his issues with Vikas. After the TRPs rating plummeted, the channel reportedly asked Vikas to sort things out. The two had a meeting to sort out issues and he was back on the show. However, Parth bagged his Bollywood film in quick time and this time he was leaving for good. So, the actor was insistent on settling the financial matter. As per sources his aggressiveness shocked Vikas, who never expected his protege to indirectly threaten him. Reliable sources tell us that unlike his co-stars, Parth was not media-friendly. This is quite apparent as he never gave clear explanations when asked about his exit or re-entry from Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. The only time he lashed out against the media was when it was reported that he was thrown out a show due to his unprofessional behavior. Moreover, it was tough to get an interview with him, which upset many members of the media. This was perhaps why not many cross-questioned or delved into this sudden revelation of the actor being a womanizer.

Playing to their strengths

While such news would have ended any other young actor’s career, Parth has escaped with minor cuts. This is largely due to his fans, who worship him. So much so, that a majority of them have said that they will love irrespective of whether he's gay, bisexual or straight. Talking about his relationship status, many knew that he was with model-actress Disha Patani for quite some time. The actor also gave the statement, “A lot of people already knew that I was always in a relationship with a girl. Yes, me and Vikas were good buddies and supported each other ... But then that's it! " Even here, we wonder why the actor took so much time to open up when speculations of Vikas and him being in a relationship were doing the rounds since day one. Or was it Ekta Kapoor’s statement that forced him out of his silence. A lot of Vikas ’industry friends have come out in support of him, which is understandable considering his position and competence as a professional.

Insiders say it is Parth’s alleged molestation charge against Vikas, which has angered them as they were aware of their close friendship ’. If it was indeed a story of a consensual relationship gone awry, we cannot help but wonder that these two people could have easily solved it without this hullabaloo. Sexuality is a sensitive topic - and once a shadow of doubt gets cast - it can impact personal and professional life, especially in a conservative society like ours.

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