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Her voice sounds as if she speaks from full life, as if she knows what it is like. She laughs with the world behind her. And she sings for us. This is LINDA.

“I hope to get a chance to get to know each other before the world judges me. I want to be able to tell about my songs and myself. "Says the 29-year-old ...


LINDA's love of music started as a little girl. She was six years old and lived with her family in Hong Kong. There was no children's program on television that she could understand, so dad got a VHS player and loads of Disney movies for her and her brother. “Mulan did it to me. I heard Christina Aguilera's song "Reflection" up and down. I practiced and practiced and performed for my family in the living room at some point. ”And so the decision was actually made. LINDA wanted to sing. Their music teachers recognized this and supported them wherever they could. When her parents moved back to Germany, LINDA became a singer in the school band and was passionate about performing together.

Then came my studies, life, youth. After that, LINDA went deep into songwriting. She attended pop seminars, switched from English to German lyrics. Has worked with different musicians, met songwriters.

She co-wrote 30 songs in many sessions in a Stuttgart studio. There's a part of her in each of the lines, says LINDA. And she plays every song for her three advisors before they can be carried around the world: your best friend, her mother and her grandma. Their judgment means everything to her.

And what does the music mean to you? "It takes me out of my everyday life, when everything no longer seems to make sense, when everything is annoying, I can process my emotions in it." Music is her little parallel world, "in which I can invent and experience everything."

She thinks of a lot of lines of text while walking or jogging with her dog. "I think a lot through to the end, lead discussions or just let my thoughts wander in order to arrive."

For her texts, LINDA observes her surroundings closely. She overhears her friends, their worries, their hopes, but sometimes she also dares to look inside herself.

School was easy for her and her family would have liked to see her in an academic career, but LINDA preferred to work in creative consultancy and, above all, pursued her passion for music. Because she wants to accommodate all of her talents, try them out, do them herself. "I can't sit around and wait for life to happen to me."

With what she experiences in the rearview mirror, LINDA wants to reach as many people as possible through her music and thus encourage them. "Because I know that you need it much more often than you think."

LINDAS songs are hugs set to music. A trip to a peaceful place. She sings about waiting, trusting, dancing for attention. And love, of course.

Because LINDA misses the perfect love songs from the 90s. “Too many female singers now sing to me that they can manage on their own. We are almost all looking for someone with whom we want to be together. ”Self-love is important, says the singer, but you have to dare to give something away.

You always have to reveal yourself in relationships. “Many people my age think the world was just waiting for them. The ability to adjust to others and to get involved is lacking. ”This takes courage and this is what LINDAS songs are about. In them she sings of love like someone who has seen her come and go and stay. She sings like someone who understands.



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