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Gold coins

Taxation of gold coins

Gold coins can be traded VAT-free in Germany, provided they meet the requirements for investment gold. For this purpose, the legislature stipulates that gold coins have a fineness of at least 900/1000 (90% gold content) and must be minted after 1800. In addition, they must be or have been legal tender in the country of origin and may not be traded at the usual sales price more than 80% above the open market value of their gold content.

Up to a price of EUR 1,999.99, gold coins can be purchased anonymously from over the counter shops in Germany in accordance with the GWG.

Anyone who makes a profit on the sale of gold coins does not need to pay tax on it, provided that there is at least one year between the purchase and sale of the coins.

In the case of a sale, the buying banks or precious metal dealers are legally obliged to record the seller's personal details, as is the case with any precious metal purchase.