Decipher WhatsApp crypt database messages from heaven

Fire from Heaven (2) - early warning

Ok - the man is - as he himself admits - a storyteller. At the beginning the story is actually quite suspenseful, but the tension gradually decreases. The second part is completely spun in my opinion. Reminds me strongly of the development in "beautiful mind" - he can no longer draw the line between interesting considerations and being lost in vain imagination. He's doing exactly what he accuses Joseph Smith of: he lets his imagination run wild.

You have really interesting contributions here, but unfortunately they stand side by side with “lost in confusion”, where I am ultimately sorry for the time I wasted with it. I would like a somewhat more transparent presorting. From good journalism I would like that - with all openness to the world - a statement is made about when someone simply strings together allegations without offering comprehensible clues or any form of evidence. To put this story here side by side in the same category with Dirk Pohlmann's lecture on the deep state is - to put it mildly - misleading!

Otherwise Robert does a super ad-hoc translation.