How to hang a door in a kitchen

Unhook the door with or without a safety mechanism

Lifting with or without additional safety

Anyone who wants or has to remove a door will find two different mechanical variants. In most cases, interior doors are only hung or attached. In principle, they can be unhooked by lifting them, but dirt, rust and old paint often require them to be exposed and made mobile.

In the case of doors with more extensive security functions, such as when removing house doors, patio doors and steel doors, the door hinges are in most cases also secured. In addition to locking screws, bolts or pins that are inserted or screwed in transversely, springs in the door hinge must be relaxed for some door types before they can be removed.

Special cases of sliding, folding and patio doors

If you want to unhook a sliding door, you can pull out freely hanging folding models, similar to a curtain, after removing a clamp. Rigid door leaves can be lifted out of the guide after light pressure upwards or downwards.

Unhooking a patio door with a folding mechanism requires assembly instructions from the manufacturer and technically advanced experience. The tilt rails and guides must be loosened in the correct order and partially dismantled. Tensioned spring travel often has to be relaxed without damaging the spring mechanism.

How to hang out a door

  • Penetrating oil or
  • Rust-loosening and lubricating cleaning spray (Caramba, WD40 or similar)
  • Allen / screwdriver
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife
  • hammer
  • mandrel

1. Support the door leaf

For almost all types of door, it is advisable to interrupt the tensile force between the weight of the door leaf and the hinges before unhinging. Placing three to five support wedges in the floor gap of the door is suitable for this.

2. Remove the fuses

With the safeguards against accidental unhooking, there are up to three transversely mounted bolts, screws or pins on the door hinges, the head of which usually consists of a hexagon socket that can be loosened with an Allen key.

3. Make the door hinge accessible

Use a cutter to cut open door hinges that have been painted over at the rotary joints.

4. Apply penetrating oil or spray

Leave the oil or spray on for at least an hour.

5. Lift the door and unhook it

When you lift the door, make sure that the opening angle does not cause the top edge of the door to tilt with the frame.

Only unhinge a door together with a strong helper.

Author: Stephan ReporteurStartseite ┬╗Building┬╗ Doors