Openwrt virtualbox wireless howto

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  • Connect to the device, e.g.

  • (As needed) Set the root password

  • (As needed) Change the IP address

    Make sure each router on the mesh network has a different IP on the same subnet (e.g.

    1. Edit

    2. Under set

    3. Restart the network

  • For all secondary mesh devices:

    (Replace the IP address with the IP of the mesh device that is connected to the internet)

  • Configure the mesh wireless network

    1. Edit

    2. Under:

      1. Remove this line to enable the wireless radio:

      2. Update the options to set the channel and country, e.g.

    3. Still in, add a new section to create the mesh interface

      (Replace and with your own values)

  • Restart the wireless interface

  • (Optional) Tail the logs to make sure it worked


  • (Optional) View the mesh status


  • Configure the wireless network for clients

    TO DO