Tvp 5k is how many miles

client said:

so, everything has now been corrected. For the recommendation there are only 5000 miles each for both ... I think Sch ... e
The recommendation is not worthwhile here ... Who is so stupid and takes 5K instead of 10K ...

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I saw it too.

What would also interest me would be: if I recruit someone who doesn't have an m & m card and doesn't want to have an m & m card, and instead I give them my wife's m & m number - would that pass? So I advertise (5000 miles), mister x closes the deal and the award miles (5000 miles) to which he is entitled go to my wife's account ?? the dkb doesn't really matter, 10,000 miles are 10,000 miles.

By the way, what is still strange: if you click on the conclusion online, you are promised 10,000 miles (without advertising). When entering the data, however, you can then specify an advertiser - without stating how many miles the advertiser gets. and also not that the premium for new customers is reduced from 10 to 5000.

edit: they are incapable:

on the miles and more page it says:
10,000 award miles for opening DKB Cash

if you continue to click on the dkb page it says:

+ 5,000 award miles upon opening