How did pearl divers live

Chapter 11: The Blood of the Wolf


The pack had deserved the rest, they were scattered in all directions when I was overcome by unrest. My wolves raised their neck fur and stayed strangely close to me.

Although the day was beautiful, no joy would arise, my senses were tense. Kingshill the King's City was peaceful, full of hustle and bustle, and yet something was in the air. I felt mischief only I didn't know where from.

I sent my sharp-eyed raven to explore the world, he should bring me news of what I saw.Are my senses confusing to my old days? The forest was quiet and in the north it was dark and gray, too much rain for this time. Not even the trees spoke to me, well they were moody anyway and lived in their time.

The blood of the wolf in me sharpened my perceptions and I heard the howling of my brothers and sisters, thanks to the ancestral wolf they were doing well. And yet my restlessness would not go away so I got ready for a trip to Jarlshofn, where all paths should cross news.

My onyx-scale dragon looked at me with its red shining eyes and smoke hissed from its mouth. I had to laugh, that was his way of telling me that he was ready to carry me no matter how far and where. I took off the collar of submission from him a long time ago and he stayed with me voluntarily without coercion. Finally out of the city my wolves ahead, my head became free and I became one with nature. The wild forest seemed so peaceful to me, we were off the beaten track and made good progress.

At Werian's I made a bow, the place saddened me and hit my mind, I wanted to spend the night in the Troll Gorge and then continue at dawn.

There is a cozy place on top of the mountain before it goes down into the gorge, where my fire has often burned for the night. Bread, cheese and mead - what more could you want. The morning dawned and I hurried to get into town, stop by the camp and make old friends "Hello" say.

So I was told that the guild of pearls is gathering north, now I trusted my feeling again it didn't cheat because my raven came back to me with the same news. Before I even entered Jarlshofn, I received a message from the pearl divers' messenger. In case of need we stand by your side, but it is still your battle even if my warrior heart wants to rush to you.

"I don't know yet about the danger that lies ahead of me, but I am here and ready to face the dark forces, Kashai my name, a proud wolf blood, my bow and my wolves for you."