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The K&K Pure Western mini is highly recommended in American forums. What I like a lot is the problem-free installation with few cables etc. in the guitar. However, I usually find the YT example here pretty dull and "muddy" that it amazes me, since so many swear by it. Maybe it only shines after an external preamp?
It's probably pretty important to get the elements right; may have to be tried out a bit. I would rather suspect a problem than with the missing preamp.

Regarding the question about the guitar maker: You are spoiled for choice, but not everyone will be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​installing a pickup brought by the customer, especially if a (virtual ) Stopwatch is running. So I would search based on the place or region, e.g. here, and then discuss the details - maybe even chase the name through the board search here. There are also questions and recommendations here in the MB, also on certain regions.