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15 signs you've found your soulmate

Maybe you've already found him, your soulmate. The one you want to share your whole life with.

The one you would never want to let go of again. The one you just want to share everything with. Your soulmate, with whom you ask yourself every free minute why you are not with him.

But how do you know if you are soulmates and really meant to be together?

Maybe everything is just a love affair and in a few months everything will look completely different? Surely you have doubts every now and then, like many other people. You may not have any reason to.

Find out here how you can tell whether you belong together and whether you have found your soulmate.

15 signs you belong together & are soulmates

  1. Nobody around you does not know his name. You think about him all the time and you keep talking about him. To have found someone you can tell your friends and family about in love and with pride is something special. Keep it up, just don't overdo it. Some people cannot always handle so much happiness from others.
  2. You don't have to pretend for him. Whether you have no make-up, are sick or have a terribly bad day. For your soul mate and the love of your life, you don't have to pretend. He loves you just for who you are, on good days and bad.
  3. He always knows how you are. In public it is not always appropriate to let every emotion run free. That's why you often make an effort to cover up a bad mood in particular. And most of the time it works too. It's different with your friend. Even though you put on your best poker face, he always knows how you are doing. He knows your reactions and every single facet of your facial expressions. All he knows immediately is an unconscious twitch of the eyebrow. And he can handle that. Because hardly anything is more important to him than knowing how the most important person in his life is doing. Of course, this also applies the other way around.
  4. You give each other free space. He goes to the sport regularly and meets his boys, you love to have your peace and quiet or to move around the houses with your girls. And all of this without constantly checking on the cell phone to see if he might have called. You give yourself your freedom and enjoy the time you are together all the more.
  5. You care about one another. The fact that you are closest also implies that no one pays attention to you as much as the partner. No wonder you are often the first to worry about your boyfriend. Regardless of whether it is about his health, his job or his luck. You worry about him all the time. Maybe it's just trifles. What should he eat tonight when you are out with your friends, how does he get to work on time if he misses the bus and did he actually take an umbrella with him in the morning? Some of your worries are not always justified. He is an adult and has always got through life well. Nevertheless, it can be very nice and give a feeling of security if you take care of each other.
  6. He listens to you. Being able to listen to another person is a special quality that not everyone can master. Your friend manages this with an angelic patience and always has an open ear and good advice for you, without wanting to dictate anything to you.
  7. You love his quirks. Nobody is flawless. You know your friend's quirks all too well. Perhaps he forgets on principle to hang up his towel to dry after showering, regularly puts the Nutella glass in the refrigerator or is passionate about collecting old records, of which he has not yet listened to a single one. If there are only small things, many are often bothered by exactly these minor matters. The fact that you love your partner so much that even their quirks seem adorable shows how much you are made for each other.
  8. You imagine where you could be in thirty years. You have probably already talked about your next vacation, your wedding or about the children you will have one day. But have you ever imagined that maybe many years from now, when you've spent half a life or more together, you will still be together?
  9. You can argue with each other. Being able to argue together is an important prerequisite for a well-functioning relationship. Because there are differences of opinion. Everyone has their own story and their own background that they bring into a relationship. Being able to express one's own opinion and thus eliminate conflicts instead of letting them grow unspoken into a mountain of discrepancies is a special quality that is not given in every relationship.
  10. You are proud of each other. No matter what concerns him. You are always proud of what your friend achieves. Sometimes you can't hold on to yourself and it just gushes out of you, what your boyfriend can do. But be careful, it can quickly become too much of a hymn of praise for your friends. Girls' evenings are for girls!
  11. You understand each other wordlessly. A gesture, a look or a hug often says more than a thousand words. At least if they happen between you. You don't need long explanations to know exactly what the other is thinking or what he wants to communicate.
  12. You like the way it smells. The smell of another person often seems to be of secondary importance to many. Various studies have shown that body odor is particularly crucial for the subconscious. So it is no coincidence that people say that whoever loves each other can smell good.
  13. He always knows how to make you laugh. Everyone has a bad day. You too. But your friend knows how to deal with it wonderfully and always manages to bring your mood back to goodness, no matter how bad it is. How can you continue to feel bad when you have such a fantastic man with you?
  14. It never gets boring with him. He is creative, knows what to do and always has new ideas. In addition, he always manages to surprise you and he loves to be spontaneous. A perfect companion for all situations.
  15. You are at home with him. Nobody gives you as much security, security and emotional warmth as the man in your heart. You feel at home in his arm, no matter where you are. With him you know that you have finally arrived. Holds him tight!

Conclusion: soul mate?

Do you belong together forever, are you meant for each other and are soul mates? Or is it just a little love affair?

What signs of your soulmate did you find?

And should there ever be difficult times, do you fight for your relationship or do you just let your soul mate go by?

Love is probably the most logical and at the same time the most puzzling emotion that you encounter again and again in life. Don't make it too difficult for yourself, you can't understand love anyway.

But when you've found someone you love so much that you can't go a day without thinking about them, hold on to them and let them know how much they mean to you.

Even when going through difficult times. Don't write off a love too quickly. Sometimes it is worth fighting. Especially when it comes to your soul mate!

Show your partner how much you are in love with them and make the perfect declaration of love for your soul mate!

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