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Camping is trendy. Newcomers dare to go on vacation with a tent or mobile home. Mistakes happen quickly and can drive professionals crazy.

  • The Corona crisis helped that camping with or without Camper is becoming more and more popular.
  • But be careful: seven typical mistakes when Camp With Camper, Caravan and tent can get expensive.
  • A expert explains which traps you shouldn't step into.

Frankfurt - camping has been booming for years and corona additionally reinforces the trend. After all, 9,600 motorhomes were registered in Germany in June 2020 alone. Lots Campsites were completely booked out. But more and more amateurs can also be seen on the streets and parking spaces - who make typical beginner mistakes. Sascha Kirschner from the Reimo RV Center in Egelsbach explains how to avoid this.

1. Mistake when camping: choosing a motorhome that is too big

Especially inexperienced camper think about choosing one RVs often: "If already, then already!". But with a vehicle that is too big, hardly anyone is doing themselves a favor. "The stress factor can quickly become very high, especially on narrow and winding roads," warns Sascha Kirschner. The braking distance is longer due to the weight and you have to go further when cornering. In addition, there is the more complex parking. That also applies Caravanwhich are even more cumbersome to use.

Compared to the tent variant, however, the caravan and motorhome - despite the higher price - are much more comfortable. “You have your hotel room with you almost at all times, mostly with a completely self-sufficient sanitary facility,” says Kirschner. He recommends renting one before buying a vehicle so that you can test your personal needs. “You must also note that you are not allowed to drive every caravan or motorhome with the normal Class B driving license. Find out what is allowed and, if necessary, take the time to get a trailer driver's license. "

2. Mistake when camping: packing too much

For those new to camping, it may be tempting to pack as much as possible: “But don't overload your vehicle and pack so that you can get to important things quickly!” Explains the Reimo employee. You should only take things with you that you cannot or do not want to buy on site. In addition, Kirschner advises avoiding heavy luggage - better plastic- Instead of ceramic dishes, prefer functional clothing rather than too heavy. “Make sure that your cargo and securing is correct Camping equipment in the vehicle. The weight should be evenly distributed, heavy things belong close to the ground. "

3. Mistake when camping: Drive the motorhome with a full waste water tank

The sink and toilet on board are practical, but also require the unpleasant task of camping. "Empty your waste water and the toilet regularly at suitable disposal points," says the expert. "Because there is nothing worse than overflowing an overflowing waste water tank while driving." In no case should the contents of the toilet, with or without chemicals, simply be dumped into the landscape! The disposal points are always marked accordingly.

4. Mistakes in camping: Don't be considerate of the environment

It goes without saying that when you spend the night in nature it should not be polluted - but this is not taken into account by everyone. Leaving a garbage-free parking space also means that the landscape is not destroyed by unsecured campfires and that no chemicals are emptied. Kirschner advises: “When caring for your body in nature, look for sustainable and degradable products such as toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo. Very high fines may be payable.

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5th mistake: Wild camping - this is forbidden in Germany

Wild camping is in Germany forbidden in principle. However, you have the option of staying overnight on private property with prior approval, ”says the Reimo employee. Spending the night at a service station or a public parking lot is also allowed in order to restore the driver's ability to drive. But then you are not allowed to set up a camping table or grill in front of the vehicle. Abroad you should find out beforehand whether and with what regulations wild camping is allowed.

6. Mistakes when camping: Leave the roof hatches and windows of the motorhome open

To secure the load before departure, all skylights, windows and pop-up roofs are checked. Hardly anything is forgotten more often than closing the roof window before leaving. "This can lead to expensive damage and also harbors great dangers for other road users," warns Kirschner. Because the drafts of air at high speeds can tear off the hatches. The same applies to stormy gusts on the open spaces of ferries.

7. Mistake when camping: Underestimating the cold at night

Especially with Camping can cool it down enormously overnight, despite high temperatures during the day. "It is advisable to invest in good sleeping mats and sleeping bags," says Kirschner. In addition, a lot of condensation forms on the inside of the tent, especially on cold nights. Therefore you should not put pillows or luggage directly against the tent wall. (By Rebekka Farnbacher)

If you want to spend the night in nature undisturbed by other campers, you have to be careful: wild camping is not allowed in many places and is expensive.

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