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Minecraft is a notoriously stable and accurate game. Everyone knows that. I'm sorry. But it doesn't always turn out to be bad: it turns out that you can have too much good when that good comes into conflict with a carefully balanced system of progression. Jens recalls a time when this was routinely done with almost every release, due to a simple, repetitive oversight. This humble passive mob is the source of several bug-based Minecraft memes.

These facts can be related. Squid can fly too. But in at least one way, the bugs turned into an asset - one that was used by the community to create clever redstone triggering mechanisms. However, in Minecraft, many events can cause nearby blocks to be updated. So you get a trigger mechanism - also known as a Block Update Detector - that can be activated by all kinds of other interactions.

And so from the bow to the BUD. A heartwarming story of salvation. Until it was replaced by the introduction of the observer block. This time I accidentally taught the Enderdragon to dance which was pretty fun! I made her undecided: I didn't have the heart to fix it, so I left her like that for a day. Before they were redesigned bright green, before being packed with an explosive payload, they were just horribly deformed pigs.

Some bugs are stealthy and will stay hidden for years. But is it really a bug, or is it just an extremely undesirable, performance-shattering feature? Hard to say! You can create an infinitely clonable run-away structure with a command block. If you have an instruction block under a redstone block that clones itself and the redstone block in a position next to it, that cloned copy also instantly clones itself one step further and so on until it hits unloaded parts of the world.

But even if you close this area and it loads, the cloning process will continue. Many of the crashes involved Java - the third-party program that executes Minecraft's code in the aptly named Java edition of the game.

Imagine running Minecraft in a virtual machine on your own computer. Since this virtual machine is always the same wherever it is installed, it offers static specs that allow for rapid development and theoretically ensure that the game will run better or less the same way on every machine.

It mostly crashed, but sometimes it just made the game weird. When we work on something new, it may not always do what we wanted. We had no idea what was going on, but it only affected someone after seeing the withers once.

We tried everything we could to fix it and just came out empty-handed so we lived with it for a while. Then - for whatever reason - he was finally happy.

Why fix a bug when you can make it a function? Tommaso Checchi, developer of the Pocket Edition, suggests a good example. During the optimization of the Pocket Edition of the game, the developers removed a phase of the terrain generation that checked whether the terrain on which the villages were based was suitable.

Suddenly it was possible for the villages to generate over water. But instead of reversing the change, Tommaso swapped the streets for sidewalks made of wooden boards - which look just as good across rivers as paths across dirt.

Tommaso is also responsible for the bug that turned out to be the falling sand trap. Sand and gravel are two of the relatively few blocks that are affected by gravity: however, sometimes you can find naturally-created terrain that does not provide support but stays in place until the block is updated and causes a collapse. Or post an update that will give the grass random rainbow colors.

Or misaligned the moon. However, if you want to completely prevent the honestly infinite chance of a bug sneaking into Minecraft, you can join our beta program and help us destroy them before they get too big!

Create, Explore and Survive! Invite nice people to take part! Minecraft's Top 10 Bugs The developers pick their favorite bugs. An Embarrassment of Wealth It turns out that you can have too much good when that good comes into conflict with a carefully balanced system of progression.

And then we kept forgetting to remove these elements for publication. Flying Squid Milk This humble passive mob is the source of several bug-based Minecraft memes. When I removed it a year later, I got a message what a shame it was for becoming the source of so many jokes.

Jens Bergensten. However, the area checked is limited: due to the quasi-connectivity, the piston may be outside the area to be updated, even if the block above receives a redstone signal.

Disco Dragon Who knew Minecraft's most menacing boss mob could throw such cute shapes? Nathan did it! I didn't have the heart to fix it so I left her like that for a day, Nathan Adams. For almost three years no one noticed anything strange! I don't know how and when this all happened, but I must have been pretty tired working on it! Michael Stoyke. Java is supposed to guarantee that nothing we do really crashes. When something goes wrong, Java just throws errors that we can handle as we deem best and let us try to restore or display nice messages to the user.

But when the Spooky Wither Bug happened it felt like you were peacefully playing a board game with your family, but when you moved a certain piece, your house just collapsed around you. Nathan Adams.

Sometimes they were more subtle. Waterworld Why fix a bug when you can turn it into a function? Sand traps Tommaso is also responsible for the mistake that should become the falling sand trap. That was difficult though, so I just let it hang instead and added some dust particles to let you know that you were in danger of having a terrible cave accident! Tommaso Checchi.

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