How to install Tomar coupling ktm 50

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No other brand can hold a candle to KTM's success in enduro racing. This becomes clear again and again at the biggest event of the year, the 'International SIX DAYS Enduro' (ISDE). Since its humble beginnings, the ISDE has developed into the team world championship of the enduro scene. This enduro marathon takes its toll on bikes and riders and every year more than half of them run in the color orange. In 2020 the International Six Days Enduro will be held in the demanding terrain of Italy. Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link and so those who want to achieve the goal cannot compromise. KTM takes on the challenge again with the latest, limited version of their particularly die-hard SIX DAYS edition. These motorcycles are easy to recognize thanks to their special SIX DAYS design and have a wide range of top components that have been specially developed and refined by KTM's own research and development department. These bikes are the ultimate enduro bikes for this event.