How to make cobalt blue frosting

With the kind permission of Rittiner & Gomez, Spiez, CH

Damascus. Tarik was descended from there. In any case, there was his grandfather's garden, which Tarik had raved about. The memory of this garden represented a piece of indestructible home that could not be taken from the little boy. Memory that made him here, thousands of kilometers away, happy and sad at the same time. Invoked by the taste of the plums on the cake Milla had donated.

Damascus. How should a pastry describe this city and a garden? Certainly, the plum came from Damascus and found its way to Europe from there in historical times. However, the city of Damascus and its history only provided the framework. It was also not a question of making an oriental pastry. Tarik's parents were certainly better at that than Milla Cremeso. Milla needed a pastry that could be reminiscent of Damascus, an allegory.

If Milla was known for anything beyond her wedding cakes that she turned out particularly well, it was her cream cake, Mille feuilles. And its puff pastry, Milla thought through her mind, was, like the steel of the famous Damascus blades, repeatedly folded and, where the steel was forged, Milla's puff pastry was toured, at least six times. In her cold room, Milla always kept a supply of homemade puff pastry for the current week's production. She took a piece of this puff pastry, big enough for a tray in her oven, and cut it to size. Be careful not to stick the sides together. And yet, as soon as the dough, cut into suitable rectangles, was long on the baking sheet, she covered it with baking paper and placed a second baking sheet empty over it. Milla wanted the dough not to rise too much under baking and produced flat slices with the typical leafy structure for her cream slices.

She mixed the cream with gelatine powder and mixed some with boiled plums that had passed through a sieve, added cinnamon and a little rose water. To the other part, she added pureed dates and prunes, as well as fig jam and some arrack flavor. When the puff pastry pieces were finished, she put the mixture in a piping bag and created her mille feuilles. It was rounded off with a blanket made of icing, into which Milla drew the typical Mille-feuilles pattern with plum jam paste and a toothpick.

Milla felt that the tiredness was bothering her. She draped a few mille feuilles on a plate and put the rest in the freezer. She put the plate on the kitchen table with a “Grandfather's Garden” card. Then she made her way to her bedroom, which without a door connected to her living room with Tarik sleeping on the sofa. Tarik slept soundly. The black and white cat had curled up next to his head to sleep and was blinking as Milla tiptoed past the couple.

"Sleep well!" She whispered.

The cat blinked, Tarik snuggled deeper into the pillow and the night flooded the house in silence from the window when a tired Milla Cremeso switched off the light from the bed.