Keep this in mind when chords are records

How do you remember seventh chords and inversions on the piano?

I play bass guitar, but I learned this way of practicing seventh chords and inversions from a saxophonist. Say I'm working on C Maj 7 ... I start at the bottom of my instrument and go to the top of the range: up CEGBC, down ECBGE, up GECBG, down BGECB. As soon as I get to the top, I alternately come back up and down. I do this for each grade of the scale i.e.: I, ii, iii, IV, V7, vi, and vii (b5). Might be cool playing the seventh chords for ii, V, I (or) I, iii, V7, vii (b5), ii, IV, vi (or) and choosing the course of a melody you like.

When major / minor gets old I do the seventh chords and inversions for Harmonic Minor and Ascending Melodic Minor. When arpeggios are getting old, I try to develop scale sequences from the notes of the seventh chords.

For me there are moving shapes, but in general there are 4 different shapes for every 7th chord and every inversion. Lots to practice !! The more I touch the patterns, hear the notes, think the notes, think the intervals, I just internalize them and I can play them from any note, starting with each finger.

And when I go to the jam they yell at me unless I play Root / Five. However, practicing keeps me out of anger.

I also draw fretboard cards that seem to aid memory.

--- Oh, shoot, I'm sorry, but check out Dominic O'Brien, the world champion of memory. He builds imaginary palaces to memorize incredible amounts of information like the ancient Greeks did.