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Central Franconian [edit]

Etymology 1 [edit]

From Old High Germanōra.

Pronunciation [edit]

Noun [edit]

Clock n (PluralClock, diminutiveÜhrche)

  1. (Ripuarian, northern Moselle Franconian) ear
    When de sleepy, wash de Föß, then the dirt us de Clock nohrötsch.
    Wash your feet if you can't hear well, so that the dirt from your ears can slide down.
Alternative forms [edit]
  • Ear (southern Moselle Franconian)

Etymology 2 [edit]

From Middle Dutchūre.

Pronunciation [edit]

  • IPA(key): / uə̯ / (in some dialects distinguished from etymology 1 by tone)

Noun [edit]

Clock f (PluralClock, diminutiveÜhrche)

  1. (Ripuarian) watch; clock
  2. (Ripuarian) o'clock
Alternative forms [edit]
  • Ouher (Moselle Franconian)

German [edit]

Alternative forms [edit]

Etymology [edit]

From late Middle High Germanūre, from Middle Low Germanûre(“Hour”), from Middle Dutchure, from Old Dutch* ūra, from Old Frenchhoure, from Latinhōra, from Ancient Greekὥρα(hṓra), from Proto-Indo-European* yeh₁-(“Year, season”). The word was borrowed in the late 14th century when the diphthongization of -ū- into -ou-, -au- was already complete in most dialects; a shifted form exists, however, in dialects (compare LuxembourgishExcept). In German, the word early on developed the sense “timing device”, not present in other languages. Compare further Dutchuur, Englishhour, Frenchhay.

Pronunciation [edit]

Noun [edit]

Clock f (genitiveClock, PluralClocks)

  1. (invariable) hours, o'clock (indicates the time within a twelve- or twenty-four-hour period)
    It's four Clock. - It is four o'clock.
    It's four Clock twelve. - It is twelve minutes past four.
    How much Clock is it? - What time is it?
  2. clock (instrument used to measure or keep track of time)
    My Clock goes to.
    My watch is running slow.
  3. (in compounds) meter; gauge (a kind of measuring device, typically for water and gas consumption)
  4. watch (worn, portable timepiece)
    Synonym: wrist watch

Declension [edit]

Singular Plural
indef.def.noun def.noun
nominative a the Clockthe Clocks
genitive one the Clockthe Clocks
dative one the Clockthe Clocks
accusative a the Clockthe Clocks

Hyponyms [edit]

Derived terms [edit]

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German Low German [edit]

Noun [edit]

Clock n (Pluralhas not been set)

  1. Alternative spelling of Ur

Pennsylvania German [edit]

Etymology [edit]

Compare GermanClock, Dutchuur.

Noun [edit]

Clock f (PluralClock)

  1. clock
  2. o'clock

Derived terms [edit]