Turning flowers upside down means something

Flowers with tote bags

Protect the environment with Valentins and CEDON

Our bouquets can only bring joy if we have flowers that have grown healthily. Our nature is our sanctuary. It is therefore essential for us at Valentins to take responsibility for sustainability. With a present like the Easy Bag, which can be folded up to fit in every handbag, you can make a contribution yourself. Plastic bags are out, environmentally friendly, durable carrier bags are in! With stylish prints, as is typical for the CEDON brand, they even quickly become a fashionable eye-catcher for every wearer!

Goodbye plastic bags - give away sustainability!

In Germany, we throw away an average of two billion bags a year. Overall, however, we are on a very good path in comparison: While in 2017 every German used around 68 plastic bags per year, in 2020 it was only 22 per capita. Crude oil is used to manufacture plastic, the material takes decades to decompose and poses a threat to marine life.

We therefore think that carrier bags like these from CEDON are an absolute “must-have” in 2021. Because they also spread such a good mood, and who doesn't need that right now? Select the most beautiful specimen now and we will send it on a journey towards a loved one and a greener future for you!