What causes cellulite in the nose

What causes pimples on the nose?

Acne on your face is a skin care battle, no matter the cause, but be careful: you can get acne on your nose too. How your normal pimple forms intranasal acne or nasal vestibulitis around irritated hair follicles and making touching the affected area a literal pain - just try your nose with a large, red bag inside! But you can't pick, pop up, or remove these pimples in medicated cleaners to get rid of them. Nasal infections are serious business - see a doctor if they don't clear up.

Credit: VladimirFLoyd / iStock / Getty Images You can't have pits on the inside of your nose.

Groom and Doom

Often is your own Grooming routine to blame if you have nasal pimples regularly. Cutting or plucking hair irritates the follicles and causes inflammation. Superficial wounds also leave the door open to infection. Do not shave this overly long hair, scratch your nose, or use your nose too hard. You will usually see these pimples either around the nostril or deep down in the vestibule.

External forces

working environment and seasonal changes can give your nose a good cause for irritation. When working with particles of dust, dirt, wood or metal without a mask, rethink - particles irritate hair follicles. If you live in an arid area or one with long winters, your nasal membranes are likely to have dried out and are prone to cracking, creating many new entry points for infection. Cold season and too much nosebleed also means more irritation and hinders healing, with stubborn wounds being more likely to infect.

Bottom line

Inner nose pimples might not be too much harshness for you in their early stages but don't let them go too long without treatment. These small infections are caused by Staphylococcus aureus causing the same infection that made you sore throat. If it spreads to the surrounding tissue and the tip of the nose matches Rudolph, you have Cellulite . If you avoid treatment, you risk spreading it further - which in rare cases can lead to encephalitis.

Be Proactive

Treat intranasal acne early to keep the infection to a minimum. Do not touch or just peck at the pimples, keep them clean and dry. A topical Antibiotic gel Apply once a day with a cotton swab or a antibiotic nasal spray use. If the pimples persist, consult a doctor for a prescription formula. Also, apply hot wipes to your nose three times a day for 15 to 20 minutes. For stubborn pimples you can oral antibiotics or surgical drainage .

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