Wholesale of cotton candy containers


Cotton candy - who doesn't know and love them?

The spun sugar is so old that it is not known exactly when it was invented. Recipes can be found in the cookbooks of the 16th and 17th centuries.

I love this lovely scent.

Memory of childhood and Kirtag.

If you really want some cotton candy - the first Christmas markets are already open ...

I think I haven't had cotton candy in at least 30 years.

Until last Saturday when we were invited to a wedding.

I have to honestly say I'm not a fan of weddings, but the party turned out to be fun.

The bridal couple had a heart for the participating children.

There was a cotton candy and popcorn machine.

The children loved it (some adults too!) - and provided the guests with popcorn and cotton candy.

A little girl about 6 years old beamed at me.

"Do you want cotton candy?" She asked.

Her face was red with excitement.

Children are adorable.

Straightforward and unbiased.

They look you in the face - and when they get a friendly smile back, they trust you.

If you deal with them, ask them something or tell them something, you've already won.

They don't leave your side anymore.

At least that's always been the case with me. For as long as I can remember, it has been said that I have a special "connection" with children.

The little girl grinned at me and said "the bride is my godn". "She allowed us to eat cotton candy and if you want one you have to ask her first!"

"I know, I said, but your Godn told you that there will only be cotton candy AFTER you eat!"

Her red cheeks became even darker.

She grinned furtively and guiltily and answered honestly: "But I ate cotton candy before."

Undeterred, she continued: "Would you like cotton candy now?"

Even if I hated cotton candy, I would NEVER have had the heart to say NO.

"I want cotton candy, but after dinner and only when you make it, ok?"

"A large or a small portion?"

I did not expect that. I thought of my morning coffee, which I get every day before work: "SMALL - MEDIUM or LARGE?"

"I'll take the small portion for now!"

When I finished eating - I had just put my fork down - it was already standing next to me.

"Do you want cotton candy NOW?"

"In 10 minutes, okay!"

"Will you let me know in 10 minutes?"

"I do not have time."

"But you have a cell phone," she said.

"I don't have that with me."

She looked at me in disbelief.

“Good,” she finally agreed, “but it's only 9 minutes left”. She ran to her father, who shortly thereafter pulled out his cell phone to give her a notification in exactly NINE minutes.

I got the best cotton candy in my life.

Lovingly garnished with a marshmallow and a small heart-shaped pretzel on top.

© Elli-Heiglmaier 2019-11-18