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Catarrhal gingivitis

The health and beauty of teeth and gums depend primarily on daily care. If you do not pay enough attention, various pathologies can develop, and one of them - catarrhal gingivitis. During gingivitis

catarrhal means catarrhal gingivitis that occurs acutely or chronically. Acute catarrhal gingivitis in most cases is the result of poisoning or an infectious disease. Often there can be exhaustion in the spring, when the body lacks vitamins, or from acute respiratory diseases, flu, in violation of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

Symptoms of catarrhal gingivitis

Catarrhal gingivitis symptoms include pain and bleeding gums that increase when brushing or with a bite of solid food. You can also see a rise in temperature, poor health, and a fever. Clear, puffy, red, and bleed with every press.

Brushing your teeth is a real test as it gives a lot of painful sensations. Because of this, a person can choose and not brush their teeth at all, which makes the situation even worse. Therefore, at the first symptoms of Catarrhal Ginovita, it is necessary to contact a dentist.

Chronic catarrhal gingivitis

In early chronic catarrhal gingivitis can occur almost asymptomatically. Therefore, the patient can only find out about the disease from the dentist.

However, there are situations when the inflammatory process only goes around some teeth. External factors can lead to local inflammation in this area. A person feels pain, rubbery edema, and bleeding. Every day the inflammation gets worse and worse and becomes chronic.

catarrhal gingivitis treatment

Curing catarrhal gingivitis is very important because the inflammation can affect the deeper periodontal tissues and lead to the development of periodontal disease. And this disease is much more difficult to treat.

The most common treatment for catarrhal gingivitis starts with professional teeth cleaning. After that, mouthwash is prescribed for chlorhexidine to neutralize bacteria in the oral cavity. The doctor can advise you on proper oral hygiene and, in individual cases, tell you which hygiene products are best to use.

To avoid relapse, complete sanitation of the oral cavity is important: healing the tooth decay, sealing the teeth, and replacing incorrectly installed seals and dentures.

Removing toothpaste gives positive results. If the inflammation persists, special drug therapy is carried out.

In the treatment of catarrhal gingivitis, douches based on sage, chamomile and other medicinal herbs are very useful. Rubber massage and electrophoresis ascorbic acid are also performed. Assigns a special diet that includes foods that contain vitamins B, A and E.

If catarrhal gingivitis was caused by a disease, the treatment and disease is prescribed.