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This is how you fill beanbags or giant pillows yourself

This is how you fill beanbags or giant pillows yourself

No matter which of our fillings you want to use in beanbags, giant cushions, playgrounds or other cushions: if you follow the tips below, it will be much easier.

"Please avoid that the filling goes wrong. It's very easy -
especially if you follow the beanbag filling instructions below. "

It is best to have two people fill you up. This makes it easy to prevent the filling from trickling past.

Please note in particular: The more structure a fabric has in comparison to a smooth fabric, the more it holds e.g. cat and dog hair as well as the finest foam flakes. These are sometimes very difficult to remove; many vacuum cleaners fail. When adding filling, please be very careful not to spill any filling onto the textured premium microfiber upholstery fabric. It is best if you remove the structured outer shell during the filling process and only fill the inner shell.

Please avoid filling close to electronic devices, because a filling is always also statically charged and can damage electronic devices.

Start with a person holding the beanbag or the giant pillow or the filled inner cover with the zipper facing up and shaking the frago product vigorously so that the filling in the product sits down. Only then should the zipper be opened. The second person rolls up the opening of the 100 liter bag so that the opening becomes smaller. Now bring the opening directly over the opened zipper and let the filling trickle in slowly.

You can also fill with a funnel-shaped newspaper or wrapping paper. Actually, however, this is not necessary.

It is important that you do not forget to carefully close the zipper again at the end of the filling process.

And it is optimal if you have a vacuum cleaner ready. Because even with the greatest care, one or the other flake has probably passed by. Then you can suck it off the beanbag or giant cushion immediately.

When filling an empty beanbag or cushion cover, the procedure is basically the same.

Reduce the opening of the 100 liter bag a little. (This of course also applies to our smaller bag sizes.)

Move the bag with smooth movements.

Let the filling trickle slowly into the casing. "Hurry with time" is the correct principle here. You will be amazed how quickly the filling of a 100-liter bag disappears into the envelope even when it is carefully emptied. You will be happy about every flake that did not pass.

"That was very easy - thank you, frago!"

Quality and quality control are particularly important at frago. A frago filling like the qithan filling simply lasts longer.

Please consider the following: On this webpage we show you how you can fill your beanbag or your giant pillow with our Qithan filling yourself. The principle of the foam flake is that it compresses when it is stressed. So you can let the qithan filling trickle into the shell without applying pressure, as shown under “Fill it yourself”.

However, if you have a seat cube, a seat roll or a similar productfirmly fill, i.e. want to stuff, then of course letting the qithan filling trickle in is not enough. Why not? Well, the soft foam flake would compress itself too much in a comparatively small piece of soft furniture like the seat cube in relation to its size and you would not be able to achieve the desired seating feeling. The soft furniture would compress too much because there would be too little filling in the shell overall. So you'd almost be sitting on the floor. You can sit wonderfully on a beanbag that compresses 15 cm when you sit down. Because there are hundreds of liters of filling in a beanbag.

On a seat cube, for example, 40 cm high, which compresses itself by 25 cm because of the small amount of perhaps 100 liters that you can bring in yourself, you are anything but wonderful - you are almost sitting on the floor!

For these purposes of firm filling, we use special tamping systems, because now the qithan filling has to be introduced into the casing with high pressure so that the casing is full to the brim. This is the only way to achieve the desired firm seating feeling. You simply cannot do this type of plugging by hand - please believe us! So you would have to send us your casing for stuffing or use a completely different filling - a filling that you can actually put in yourself and that only gives the desired firmness by trickling in. You could use styrofoam beads, for example, or cherry pits or spelled husks - but you cannot purchase the latter from us. Of course, the stuffed qithan filling is clearly superior to a styrofoam bead filling in terms of durability and seating comfort.

Please read and observe thefollowing warning notices to our Qithan seat comfort filling.


From time to time, concerned consumers who are not satisfied with a pure Styrofoam filling for various reasons, ask us whether oursQithan seating comfort filling is harmless to health. We always comment on this as follows:

We have Oeko-Tex certificates for our CFC-free foamed foams, which we process into flakes. Your wording: "The tests on the above-mentioned articles were carried out according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class I for baby articles and have shown that the currently applicable human-ecological requirements of the standard are met."

This certification takes place every year. Our foams are also used extensively in the manufacture of mattresses.

We add a small amount of styrofoam flakes to our foam filling - a maximum of 33% based on the volume. Although Styrofoam is legally approved for use in seating furniture and is therefore used exclusively as a filling in almost all beanbags in the competition, there has been a discussion in recent years about the potential risks of Styrofoam for people, which continues to this day. However, it must be pointed out that in Germany, Styrofoam is also unrestrictedly approved as food packaging - in yogurt pots, blister packs, etc.

We do not only believe in the harmlessness of our filling for these reasons, but also because our filling is only made of a small percentage of styrofoam - and not 100% as with almost every competitor product.

Nevertheless, we accept that if a customer applies stricter standards than e.g. the legislator and the German certification body Oeko-Tex, one can come to a different point of view. In this case, we advise customers against purchasing and using our products. After all, styrofoam and foam are not naturally occurring products.

Our filling must never be swallowed or consumed - no matter how little or how much. If this happens anyway, you must contact a doctor immediately. Otherwise you risk serious damage to health or even suffocation. For your own safety, please do not use our information for any purposes other than those explained on this website.