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What personal data does Facebook have about me?

Facebook not only has the ability to collect a lot of personal data. At the latest after the latest findings on the data protection scandal surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it is clear that this will also be done actively. We would like to summarize here how extensively is collected here and what personal data Facebook has from each user.

What data does Facebook really collect?

Data collected by Facebook goes far beyond name, status reports and private messages. That was widely communicated in the media. For this reason, many social media agencies are currently struggling with new requirements from their customers. The fact is that address data, birthdays, credit card data, facial recognition data, linked accounts, political settings, active meetings, clicks on advertisements, events attended, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and much more are saved. The latter examples are particularly relevant because all of the contact details of other people were released with the help of the authorizations on Android and Apple smartphones. This means that even people who do not use Facebook and who have never used Facebook still appear in the data directories of the social network. As a result of mentions and names as well as shared photos, Facebook may have large profiles of people who have never been active on social media themselves. Not to mention active people. In addition, it is the combination of all the data that creates the big picture. While individual pieces of information are useless, by and large they can function as a very detailed life account.

As an SEO and SMO agency, it is currently advisable to make it clear to customers that private and business matters should remain strictly separate, unless this is already clearly regulated. Since so far many users and corporations have decided to take part in the #DeleteFacebook campaign, the reach of paid or organic contributions may well be less. It is currently difficult to determine whether this effect is only temporary or possibly permanent. Since many users are now turning to other social channels, one should ask oneself what data competitors such as Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat collect. Because there too - in this case the focus is on Snapchat - there have been major data leaks in the past.

How can I request the collected Facebook data?

In order to find out with your own eyes what data Facebook has from a profile, you have the option of downloading all of the data collected from yourself. It's amazingly easy. By clicking on “Settings” you will find a small button in the “General” tab with “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” This button is bare text and is located below the actual settings.

Request personal information from Facebook

One click on the link marked in red is enough to get to the screen where the personal data can actually be requested. With a simple click on the green button, the creation of the archive of all data is commissioned. It is clear that this action will of course also be saved on Facebook. Facebook notifies the email address stored for the account as soon as the data pack is complete. What is exciting is that many users report that they first had to enter their password before they could request this information. That was not the case with us. The password was only asked when it came to downloading the personal data. The file size varies depending on the data available. This can range from a few megabytes to several gigabytes.

The archive with personal data that Facebook has collected is created

As soon as the data is requested, Facebook sends an email to the address stored. For the time being, this only contains general information. It takes several hours to create the data archive. The download link is valid for several days from the time it is sent. If you do not download the collection of personal data from Facebook within this time, you will have to request it again.