Install WhatsApp on Sony Ericsson C905 software

Chat with WhatsApp on your Sony Ericsson | This is how it works and solve problems very quickly

You don't have WhatsApp on your Sony Ericsson smartphone yet? Then it will be the quickest time to download the free messaging service. Thanks to the Android operating system, this is no problem at all on your Sony Ericsson.

Simply start the Google Play Store and enter “WhatsApp” as the search term. Click on "Download" in the search results and the app will be downloaded immediately. Once this is done, the installation begins.

If your smartphone has problems downloading, this can be a sign that your cell phone reception is not good enough. Then you have to try a place where you have better reception.

Register as a new user, the first time

If you want to open the app for the first time, you will first be asked to agree to WhatsApp's terms and conditions. Once this has happened, you have to register with your mobile phone number. This will make it easier for your friends to find you later.

As soon as you are registered, WhatsApp will send you an SMS with an activation code. This ensures that the number belongs to you and that nobody else misuses your name.


In the next step you can choose a profile picture and set a username. Your friends will see the username later in the chat.

You can also choose your status. So your friends can see immediately what your mood is or whether you are currently only available to a limited extent.

To chat

As soon as you have set everything up, you can start the first chats with your friends. To do this, click on the button with the plus sign in the upper right corner. The app immediately shows you your so-called favorites.

Under the favorites you can see all of your saved contacts from people who already use WhatsApp. Here you click on a name and you can start writing straight away.

Paper clip to send pictures or videos

If you want to send pictures or videos with your Sony Ericsson, it works as follows: in an existing chat you will see - again in the upper right corner - the symbol of a paper clip.

When you click the paper clip, a small window will open. There you can choose whether you want to either send an existing picture from your gallery or take a new photo.

In addition, you can choose between sending a video, an audio file as a voice message, your location or a contact.

Group chats with Sony Ericsson and WhatsApp

You also have the option of creating chats with several people at the same time. This is called a group on WhatsApp.

To do this, open WhatsApp in the normal way and click on the three points below each other, which are again in the top right corner.

The point “new group” then comes first. If you click on it, you can enter a group subject and optionally select an image that will be displayed for this chat.

If you click on "Next", you can add selected contacts to the group and the group will be created. You have become a group administrator.

Note when abroad

WhatsApp is an international service that is used by a wide variety of people around the world. So it is no longer a problem to send pictures and messages to your friends abroad. Or contact your family and friends if you are currently abroad yourself.

The only thing you need when you are abroad is an available WiFi connection, otherwise you may incur additional fees for the transmission of your messages. We have described what you should also pay attention to abroad and how high costs can be avoided on the “Using WhatsApp abroad” page.

Solutions to possible problems

Sometimes WhatsApp is overloaded or the server blocks for a short time. Then you cannot receive any messages. If you want to send messages yourself, these cannot be transmitted either.

In this case, it usually just takes a little patience to resolve the problem. That usually happens very quickly.

Problems with disrupted internet reception

WhatsApp needs a working internet connection because the messages run through central servers. If your internet reception does not work, you can neither send nor receive messages. The app will do this automatically as soon as you have internet reception again.

Which Android version?

If the operating system of your Sony Ericsson mobile phone is still under Android version 1.6, you will not be able to install WhatsApp. For security reasons, you should always make sure to update your smartphone regularly anyway.

Saving energy can disrupt the messenger service

The great energy saving options in Sony Ericsson devices always cause confusion when it comes to WhatsApp.

If you activate all of the energy-saving options, your mobile data transmission will be shut down in standby mode. You will only receive messages via WhatsApp again if you activate the mobile phone, deactivate the energy-saving mode, or charge the mobile phone.

So before you continue looking for errors, first check the energy-saving settings.

So now we can start

WhatsApp offers the possibility of limitless communication in real time. No matter whether pictures, videos, voice messages or current locations. You can share everything with your friends in seconds via WhatsApp.

Are you marveling at a beautiful rainbow or have you seen something totally funny that you absolutely have to show your friends very quickly? The solution for instantly sharing almost anything with your friends is the WhatsApp smartphone app.

So enjoy the possibility of unlimited communication with your friends and acquaintances and chat as much as you can. Soon you will no longer be able to imagine your Sony Ericsson smartphone without WhatsApp.