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How to make homemade olive oil

The production of home-made olive oil can be quite easy, as long as you have some basic materials and a little patience. Since olive oil can be used for cooking or for seasoning freshly hand


Making homemade olive oil can be very simple, as long as you have some basic materials and a little patience. The olive oil can be used for cooking or to flavor fresh artisan bread. Your friends and family will be impressed by your culinary skills and will beg for your secrets in the kitchen. You'll never want to dip your bread in a store-bought item again.

Step 1

Choose the olives based on the taste you want your oil to taste. If you buy them fresh from a market, they are high quality and have a pleasant taste. Green olives make a more acidic oil, while black olives taste less acidic. If you like the taste of fresh olives, you will likely like the oil made with them too.

step 2

Cut each olive with a pocket knife. The cut must be deeper than the olive's skin, but not so deep that it breaks. This cut allows the oil to escape from the olives.

step 3

Put the olives on the bottom of a small glass, then put them in a glass with water. The glass should be big enough so that the contents can be spilled if the small cup overflows.

Step 4

Place the tea strainer over the edge of the water glass so that the hooks of the strainer sit firmly on the edge of the glass. Place the measuring cup in the tea strainer. It acts as a weight to hold the strainer in place while the oil is being made.

Step 5

Fill the glass to the brim with water so that it is about to overflow. The water acts as a weight that extracts the oil from the olives. The oil rises to the top of the glass and drains into the glass.

Step 6

Let the water press the oil for 24 to 48 hours. If you continue, you will find that the glass is still filled with water and olives while the glass has a few tablespoons of oil in it.

Step 7

Taste the fruits of your labor. Try your first batch of artisanal olive oil on its own or with fresh bread. Choose a bread with a mild taste so that the nuances of its oil can be enjoyed.