Full moon crazy dreams when pregnant

Dreams during pregnancy: rarely beautiful!

Why do pregnant women often dream so drastically? Quite simply: Because you are currently in one of the most exciting phases of your life. Here you can find out how you can stay calm in the face of nocturnal horror scenarios.

Why do women dream so intensely, especially during pregnancy?

Rarely do so many and so different feelings collide as during pregnancy: joy, expectations and hopes are mixed with uncertainty, fear and doubt. During the day it is usually quite possible to push minor concerns aside. But at night in dreams comes up what preoccupies pregnant women: Will the baby be born healthy? Will i be a good mother Was it right to start a family now? And what will the birth be like? The closer the event gets, the more frequent the dreams become. Many of these dreams are violent, and sometimes frightening. But they are not a reason to be concerned. On the contrary: by playing through over and over again in our dreams what could happen to us, we make friends with the new life bit by bit. Studies even show that women who dream a lot during pregnancy have a shorter birth than others. Explanation of the scientists: You have already dealt with the subject in such a way that the baby can come.
It has not been scientifically clear why pregnant women dream so intensely. What we know: Pregnant women sleep particularly lightly. The stomach makes it almost impossible to lie comfortably towards the end of the pregnancy, and unborn babies like to be awake when their mom wants to sleep. In order to remember dreams, one has to wake up shortly before the end of the dream phase. This happens particularly often to pregnant women and explains why they can reproduce so many dreams. Also the pregnancy hormone progesterone ensures more dream-intensive REM sleep.

Are there typical pregnancy dreams?

Yes. The trigger for many dreams in the first trimester of pregnancy is the certainty that you have conceived a child and the hope of an easy birth. The pregnant women then dream of pools or tadpoles, for example. About missing your own birth. Or the dreamer goes to the hospital and suddenly the child who can already speak stands next to her. But read in ours Dream forumwhat other pregnant women have dreamed of and exchange ideas with them!

In the second third, the worry of no longer being attractive often plays a major role. And the closer you get to the birth, the more pregnant women wonder whether they will be a good mother. They then dream, for example, that they forget or drop their child. The baby is also discussed: what will it look like? Will it be healthy? Often in the dream it is tiny and shriveled, or it has no face.
The W├╝rzburg gynecologist and psychotherapist Dr. Jael Backe researches dreams during pregnancy. She was able to prove that certain dream motifs accumulate during pregnancy: According to her research, a house appears in around every third dream of a pregnant woman. Also common dream motifs in expectant mothers: animals that Dr. Bringing baking into connection with the unborn child, the ex-boyfriend, your own mother or the search for the baby.

Can dreams be prophecies?

No, Don `t worry! Not even if the child becomes seriously ill in a dream or even dies. Dream researchers keep emphasizing that dreams are not prophecies. "Dreams are fictional plays that are staged by our unconscious," says associate professor Dr. Jaw. "The unconscious explores the new life situation and addresses things that our consciousness would like to hide."

How can women decipher the message of their dreams?

Often we push our dreams away as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. It is worthwhile to stay in bed for a moment, pursue the dream and maybe even write it down. By the way, a dream diary from pregnancy is also a great memory - for you, but also for your child when it grows up.
What is important is the mood you woke up with, whether you felt worry, joy, relief or pressure. Telling others about dreams often takes away the horror of nocturnal images. Therefore, talk to your partner about it - and ask him if he is dreaming something similar. Because expectant fathers often process the changes in their lives in their sleep - without any progesterone.
If you want to know more, there are of course dream interpretation books for you. The explanations of individual dream symbols are often a bit bold, but they give the imagination a boost and you may find a hint as to the meaning of a dream. Basically: Do not overinterpret dreams! Although they indicate what concerns us subconsciously, they are neither a reflection of reality nor an indication of the future. For example, if you dream of forgetting the baby somewhere, you may just be afraid that you will not be up to the new task. Do you dream that you have run away or been locked up? Maybe you are worried about your freedom or togetherness with your partner.

What to do with the fear you feel when you wake up?

You should let that work on you. The dreamer can also strengthen her soul by giving her dream a happy ending afterwards and by imagining the new dream version as vividly as possible. Women who are occupied with a bad dream during the day no longer have to fear the nights. Because this dream will not repeat itself.